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Adopting a positive attitude and remaining productive to #ComeBackStronger

This week the team at Refresh connected with global business woman, entrepreneur and founder of Olive…
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How investing in digital enabled CIPHE to #ComeBackStronger

The ever-evolving government guidelines are impacting the way businesses operate but, as we all continue…
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#ComeBackStronger: how digitalisation opened more doors than ever before

This week the team at Refresh connected with Installer’s head of content, Joe Sharpe, for…
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A ‘trendy’ way to improve your marketing

This year it might seem like things are hard to keep track of. So much…
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Six things I wish I’d known before I started a career in PR

I realised this week that I’ve been working in PR for nine years this summer.…
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EdTech founder is harnessing the power of community and a happy team to #ComeBackStronger

Last week, we had the pleasure of speaking to Chloe Barrett, founder and CEO of Immersify…
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#ComeBackStronger: how changing consumer buying patterns optimised opportunities

BBF Limited is one of the leading ambient cake and chilled dessert manufacturers in the UK,…
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#ComeBackStronger: proactivity led to successfully surviving a global pandemic

This week we connected with Mark Bateson, UK-based investor, entrepreneur, non-exec director of Refresh and…
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#ComeBackStronger: how evolving pre-pandemic paid off

This week the team at Refresh connected with Leon Wilson, founder and CEO of fintech…
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