Refreshing ideas on...

The wonderful world of marketing has never been quite so exciting. However, with great opportunities also come challenges. From ever evolving consumer behaviours/buying habits, to proving the value of marketing and ensuring activity delivers strong ROI, combined with the pressure of continuously devising fresh creative ideas to ensure campaigns and messaging don’t become stale, navigating the current marketing landscape sure can be a minefield.

In this series, we explore ‘Refreshing ideas on’ a range of topics to help alleviate the growing pressure marketers are under to deliver results, while stretching tightening budgets. From measuring the value of PR and targeting hard to reach audiences, to ensuring your marketing and PR strategies complement each other, and utilising digital PR to generate sales leads, we’ve got you covered…

...measurement: part one

...measurement: part two

...measurement: part three

...creativity/brand building: part one

...creativity/brand building: part two

...creativity/brand building: part three

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