Social Media

Social media has opened up lots of new opportunities for brands and businesses to get in front of customers without blowing the budget. A company’s online presence has never been as dependent on social media as it is today. Once it is mastered, it can do wonders to reach audiences that might not be accessible through print media and other communications channels.

We understand that those who aren’t so familiar with it can find it a bit daunting, and time-consuming, so we’re here to help. We deliver impactful organic and paid social media campaigns for businesses, keeping on top of the latest advancements, so you don’t have to. We can offer one-to-one training sessions to get you up to speed, or help organise comprehensive campaigns and community management that take social media off your hands completely.

No two clients’ needs are the same, and we work hard to devise unique strategies that will get the results that our clients want and need to boost their online brand awareness. Engaging audiences with topical images, videos and text will ensure that online users are kept interested and that your key messages are tweeted, shared and liked.

Within your targeted strategy, we can help identify which platforms can offer the best results for your brand and reach your target audience in the most effective way combining creativity, planning and our team’s enthusiasm for all things social. Our campaign with The Boys’ Brigade had social media at its heart, using owned content to shine a light on the benefits and opportunities at the organisation. To read more about the campaign, click here.

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