Our Other Sectors

While technology, the built environment and food and drink are our specialist sectors, we work with many other clients on a long-term basis to deliver their public relations requirements.

We promise ourselves, and our clients, that we’ll only work together if we know we can deliver brilliant results. This may mean on occasion that we’re not the right agency to choose, and when this happens we’ll do our utmost to point you in the right direction.

Examples of recent clients who we’ve worked with successfully include:

  • An accountant
  • A certification provider
  • A workwear provider
  • A deliverer of coaching and development
  • Charities
  • A manufacturer/retailer of menopause nightwear
  • A taxi insurance provider
  • Youth Organisation

Why do we move away from our core sectors?

Often when a strong strategy and plan (together with the right metrics) is put in place, it doesn’t matter which sector a client operates in. Instead we use our core skills to cut through and deliver strong results. The list across is not exhaustive, but demonstrates the breadth of experience that exists within the team, and how the team can adapt if the partnership is a good one.

So, if you don’t operate in our core three sectors, do still get in touch and we’ll be happy to see if we can deliver for you.

Let us support you

Want to grow your business, change direction, shout louder, boost your sales leads, or keep your brand out of the news? Our door is always open. If you think we can help, get in touch.