PR Research and insights

Well-thought-out PR research and insights are at the helm of every great campaign we run. As well as using them heavily to formulate our own campaigns, we also offer these services to clients – to help them gain a better understanding of their marketplace and customer base. We undertake both qualitative and quantitative PR research projects for clients on a regular basis, to help them collect the insights that really matter like our work with EurocellCulture Shift and Uponor.. This can help businesses to:

  • Better understand customers and markets
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Grow brand advocacy
  • Develop new products and services
  • Create stand out propositions
  • Enhance the customer experience

Qualitative research for business insights

Taking the form of focus groups, online forums, and in-depth market research via phone calls or surveys, our qualitative research services help clients generate direct feedback from their audiences – often on very niche and sometimes complicated subject matters. Our industry experts strategize, design and implement the entire research process and know how to gather, display and analyse data so that it works best for your business.

Qualitative research helps to gather more in-depth insights from very specific groups. So, whether you want to get a better idea of what your customers think about you, see how you fare against competitors, launch a product to a new market, or gather information on your key audiences’ wants, needs, drivers and pain points, qualitative research can be extremely useful. It can also feed in to your overall business and marketing strategies.

Quantitative research to generate data-driven PR campaigns

With help from our partners, we also facilitate mass market research polls for our clients, with various audience groups including general consumers, homeowners and renters (to name a few), right through to niche samples, including installers, contractors, architects, senior managers, heads of businesses etc. This type of research is helpful if you need to get your hands on data from a large number of people to identify current and emerging trends – whether they’re for business strategizing, or use in your marketing, PR or communications content.

From designing the survey and drafting the questions, to putting it through a legitimate panel and analysing the data, we work with our partners to manage the entire process for you. We deliver the data back to you in an easy to digest format, so it’s all ready to go when you receive it.

Research examples in practice

Quantitative research

Data-driven campaigns for several clients can be viewed on our case studies page, including those for EurocellCulture Shift and Uponor. We classify this as our bread and butter; each campaign generates dozens of pieces of relevant coverage, helping our clients to open doors which have previously been closed to them before they moved to Refresh.

Qualitative research

A recent campaign for a building products manufacturer scoped out the future of the social housing sector. Qualitative interviews with over 10 key players in the sector (organised during lockdown) assisted the client in formulating its following year’s marketing strategy.

A second research project, currently underway, involves Refresh interviewing 1,500 heating installers over the phone to ascertain their buying habits, opinions and gather other business-essential data to support marketing plans. With a database of almost 15,000 heating installers, this project is at the heart of the work Refresh carries out.

Market research for business benefits

Our team recently undertook a project for a client which scoped out whether it should expand to a new city. From sourcing and analysing available desk research on the future of the city, through to visiting the area and spending two days interviewing local residents onsite, the team prepared an in-depth and objective report for the client to utilise in its business planning.

Customer journeys

It sometimes helps to have a third-party take an outside look at your business and its customers. We have supported a client recently with a deep analysis of who their clients are, and the ways in which they come into contact with the brand. The client has used this to start its UX journey for its new website, in addition to ensuring that all other touchpoints with the business are running as seamlessly as possible for their clients.

Let us help you know your market / customers better

Whether it’s a mix of qualitative and quantitative, or simply one or the other, our research services provide crucial customer and marketplace insights to businesses big and small. To find out how we can help, get in touch.

Let us support you

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