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The UK’s manufacturing sector is still one of the strongest globally. With an annual output of £192 billion, the UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world and the sector is expected to be integral to the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

However, with the landscape changing rapidly and the space being disrupted by fierce competition in other parts of the world, as well as challenges on everything from political uncertainty to supply chain issues, it’s essential those in the sector have a voice on important matters impacting the industry – and can effectively shout about the work they’re doing.

From engineering, equipment/tools and building products, to tech, homeware and food/drink, our manufacturing PR experience here at Refresh spans multiple sub-sectors.

Whether it’s increasing market share/driving growth, building brand awareness, launching a new product, lobbying for change or reacting to something that’s hit the news agenda, we create and execute manufacturing PR campaigns that move the needle and make people listen.

Extensive experience supporting high-profile manufacturers

From global players in machinery, tools and engineering, to some of the biggest food and drink names in the UK, our experience working with prominent manufacturers spans more than a decade.

To name just a few, we’ve worked with manufacturers including BBF Limited, FEIN, Samsung Climate Solutions, Etex and Polypipe. Due to our extensive experience across various verticals within the manufacturing space, we also have strong relationships with key media across national, consumer and trade press, ensuring we generate impactful coverage in the places it matters the most.

There are various different ways we work with clients. While for most it’s on long-term retainers, which allows us to become an extension of their team and really integrate ourselves into the business, for others we support on shorter projects of 6-10 months. We offer flexibility and tailor campaigns to meet your business’ requirements.

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