Crisis communications

Sometimes organisations will be faced with negative situations that attract the attention of the media.¬†In over a decade in business we’ve helped companies manage over 100 ‘crisis’ situations effectively.

If you think your organisation could be about to attract unwanted media attention, please get in contact as soon as possible for a confidential conversation. The more time we have to react, the more planned the approach will be – and crucially we can manage the message to ensure your audience hears your viewpoint from the start.

We won’t promise to keep you out of the news entirely, but we will do our utmost to liaise with journalists in a professional manner to minimise coverage while at the same time ensuring your voice – and the correct messages – are heard.

Our senior team offers strategic communication planning and advice for companies dealing with a crisis and is on hand 24/7 to field media enquiries, draft statements and present key spokespeople for interview if appropriate.

The team will work with you to manage all communication channels, from press, broadcast and online to social media. During this time we will monitor conversations that happen beyond the regular 9-5 to ensure you have full peace of mind.

We also help clients to draw up and implement crisis management policies to ensure all team members understand what to do in the event of a crisis. This includes providing proactive media training for spokespeople to ensure that when the time comes, they are prepared. Do you need support with your crisis communications? Click here to start the conversation.

Let us support you

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