Measurement and evaluation

How we measure and evaluate each campaign depends upon the original objectives. During the up-front planning phase, we look carefully at each objective and work out what result would make that objective a reality. We then determine clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that make strategic sense. After all, it’s critical to be measuring the right result or a campaign can quickly get diverted onto a different course.

We believe that we should put just as much effort into measuring and evaluating what we do as we should planning the campaign in the first place. Without a regular sense check as to how a campaign is performing, how can we know overall it’ll be a success? We can’t.

That’s why we measure against KPIs and report back on progress at the end of every month. We also summarise progress during the three, six, nine and 12 month client reviews.

You can see from our previous campaigns where we’ve set our objectives, and exceeded the KPIs from measuring the results that make strategic sense.

What do we measure?

We measure the impact that paid, earned, shared and owned activity has had for your business. We do this by looking at the outtakes (responses and reactions such as engagements with content), outcomes (the effect that the communications has had) and the impact.

The more tangible a KPI, the more we prefer it. That means you could find us recommending metrics such as sales leads generated, visits to a web page, conversions, share of voice over competitors, or engagement on articles which we’ve placed in the top media titles.

Each one of our campaigns is tailor-made for our client, and each is measured in a different way depending on its overall aims. Metrics vary greatly but are always based on sound reasoning and logic, helping directly to achieve the businesses’ overall objectives.

As our client, you also have an input into what your KPIs should be. By consulting our clients during the planning phase, it ensures we have a wider view of what ‘success’ looks like for our clients – and it means we can report back with a huge smile when milestones are achieved.

Let us support you

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