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LG Heating Systems: media buying from direct research

The brief

LG UK Heating Systems is part of the company’s Business Solutions division. Its flagship product is Therma V, a high-end air source heat pump. By installing a Therma V unit in a home, homeowners can benefit from renewable energy, lower bills, and also the ability to heat their home and obtain hot water from one heating source.

In advance of new grants being launched by the Government to cover the cost of a heat pump, Refresh ran a market research campaign for LG. We called 150 heating installers each month to ask them questions about themselves, the products they install and their future plans around heat pumps.

Using this data, Refresh went on to form a media buying strategy for LG (after all, we’d just asked nearly 2000 installers what media they do – and don’t – consume). Refresh also ran the social media for Therma V, building in insights from the market research.




sales leads


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In undertaking the market research, which LG chose Refresh to undertake due to its industry knowledge, we uncovered a wealth of valuable information and insights. This included:

  • 500+ new leads sent to the LG sales team: these are installers who don’t currently use LG but actively requested to find out more and access training in/around heat pumps specifically from LG
  • Insight gained into the buying habits of installers and how they change by region and by project
  • Data gained to inform the advertising strategy (we found out which media heating installers consume – and what they don’t!)
  • Over 800 emails added to the LG mailing list six months before new Government grants become available

In addition, media buying – a mix of digital and print – was intensely negotiated to include additional editorial opportunities at no extra cost. Social media was also adopted as a means to share updates with installers and to promote Therma V following the telemarketing research revealing that social media was in the top three sources for industry news.

Services delivered to LG:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Ongoing analysis
  • Consultancy and ideation
  • Media buying
  • Social media
  • Market research
  • Lead generation

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