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Refresh sponsors UK-wide construction sector research

We’re excited to announce that we are sponsoring Competitive Advantage’s Construction Media Index 2023!

The Construction Media Index comprises a set of comprehensive and impartial research reports detailing the communication channels available for engaging with the UK construction sector.

Competitive Advantage has been conducting this key research since 2008. During this time, the index has revealed just how much the ways in which construction industry decision-makers source their information have changed. This year’s survey will be an opportunity to identify and measure how the industry has established working practices following the pandemic, including the methods they use to select products and how they engage with manufacturers and CPD training providers. The research will also highlight how the industry is adapting to the changing social media landscape.

From our extensive work in the sector, we know that architects, contractors and specifiers are busy people. Therefore, this research is incredibly important, particularly when it comes to informing PR and communication strategies for those wanting to target this audience. This research is also key to helping brands identify where they need to have a presence and which communication channels to invest in. By understanding how and where best to deliver your content, you can avoid investing your budget in the wrong places and, instead channel your energy into delivering content via channels that work for your audience.

In October, the research will be published as two reports: ‘Architect Communication Channels’ and ‘Main Contractor Communication Channels’. Each report will cover a number of topics, including social media usage, publication readership, sources of information and engagement preferences.

Asset announcing that Refresh are sponsoring the Construction Marketing Index 2023

Both reports will be available for purchase in October 2023 and for a limited time, you can register your interest in purchasing one or both of these reports here. Once registered, you will receive a 10% discount code.

This will be a useful resource to help ensure we keep on delivering targeted, impactful campaigns within the construction sector, supporting our client’s wider business and marketing objectives. Following publication, we’ll be sharing some of the key findings on our blog and social channels, so watch this space!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the research or need help targeting architects and contractors with your PR campaign, get in touch.

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