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Refresh appointed to introduce the workwear industry to the new Alsico

Working in sectors including construction, we know how important it is for those in dangerous environments to be given the right tools and protection for the job, including what they are given to wear. That’s one of the reasons we are proud to be working with Alsico, to raise awareness of each industry’s unique requirements and the solutions available to meet them.

Founded in 1934, Alsico has grown to become one of Europe’s largest workwear providers. The brand’s UK operations were established in its Preston headquarters in 2007 and since then the brand has been redefining workwear by fusing innovation, sustainability, and ergonomic design. The specialist supports large-scale businesses across environments including healthcare, engineering, electrification and many more.

Earlier this year, we worked with Alsico to increase awareness of its innovative new fabric technology ALSIFLEX®, and capture stories to illustrate how the technology has benefited large UK businesses across a number of sectors already. Now, we are excited to support Alsico with its latest news, as the global group are united under one brand.

Working closely with Alsico on the positioning and press management required for the brand transition piece, we are so pleased to see how successful the official announcement at A+A in Dusseldorf was last month. The remaining campaign has been focused on content generation and bringing the latest news to customers at a series of UK-based trade events throughout November.

Laura Mashiter, managing director at Refresh said: “Alsico’s decision to unite the group under one brand is a significant one and we are proud to support them through this transition. The announcement is just the beginning and we really look forward to sharing more with the industry in the coming weeks – one to keep an eye out for! The team at Alsico are incredibly passionate and working within sectors that they service; we can see the direct impact this has on the comfort and safety of uniform wearers.”


Anthony Watson, marketing manager at Alsico said: “The brand announcement is a huge milestone for Alsico and we are really pleased to have Refresh on board again to make sure that our message really lands with the many environments that we seek to support. We are also getting more involved this year with sectors that will not know us so well so it’s great to have experts in the team who can share recommendations on how best to connect with that audience.”

To find out more, visit: https://www.alsico.co.uk/

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