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Refresh launches trade influencer arm

After years of working closely with heating installers and plumbers, via our owned awards programme, the Heating Installer Awards, we’re proud to announce that we have launched our very own trade influencer arm. Put simply, a community of engaged, authentic heating installers, that we’ve worked closely with for the past seven years.

While it’s a niche subsection, you might be surprised to learn that are hundreds of heating installers and plumbers across the UK that have thousands of followers and uber engaged audiences. Our trade influencer service uses this community to help business’ get their message and products out to heating installers across the UK.

Why is this important? People buy people. In fact, word of mouth is still the top way of influencing people – 92% of people trust recommendations over any other type of advertising.

‘Influencer’ or ‘digital content creator’, if you’re posh, have become buzzwords over the past few years, yet for those who aren’t familiar with it, the market can be difficult to navigate and at times can seem unauthentic. That’s why influencer campaigns that use genuine people sharing products that they genuinely use are the most effective.

Genuine heating installers. Genuine content. Proper results.



As part of our trade influencer service we:

  • Work with 2,000+ heating installers across the UK
  • Find the best influencers in your sector
  • Match them perfectly with your brand
  • Mange ‘the boring stuff’ – contracts, appointment, management, KPIs etc
  • Develop and execute campaigns
  • Work with installers to produce content
  • Ensure key messages are on brand
  • Achieve social coverage
  • Track results and ROI so you can demonstrate value

If you’d like to learn more, or think this could benefit your organisation, do get in touch for a brew and informal chat.

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