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Refresh expands manufacturing portfolio with SAIT Abrasives appointment

We have been appointed by abrasives manufacturer, SAIT Abrasives, to boost its brand awareness in the metalworking sector and build connections within the industry.

Founded in 1953, SAIT ABRASIVI S.p.A. is today one of the leading companies on the European and world scene for the production of rigid and flexible abrasives for industrial use. Whilst its international headquarters are in Italy, it has eight subsidiaries globally, including SAIT’s UK head office based in Leicestershire.

The campaign will focus on gaining market insights on the current metalworking sector landscape, with particular emphasis on training, productivity and supply chain collaboration.

Laura Mashiter, managing director at Refresh, commented: “In the UK, SAIT Abrasives is a prestigious brand within the industry and works with a network of key distribution partners to provide industrial professionals to provide reliable service, expert tools and detailed technical advice.

“Its core USP is its trustworthy, loyal and honourable approach to working with clients, the wider supply chain and its employees. This is something we very much value here at Refresh too.

“We have an exciting, data-driven campaign planned to showcase what they have to offer the market… watch this space over the coming months.”

Jenny South, marketing manager at SAIT Abrasives, added: “The metalworking sector is a vital part of the UK economy. It directly contributes over £10 bn to UK GDP alone, and indirectly underpins a further £200bn. As such, it’s essential that the industry continues to work efficiently and PR and marketing are instrumental to its continued growth.


A man in a SAIT uniform using a sander

“We appreciated the time Refresh took to get under the skin of SAIT and develop a campaign that is just right for what we want to achieve. It’s a campaign that will really help achieve wider business objectives and build our brand awareness in the metalworking sector. The landscape of the sector has undoubtedly changed over the last few years and this campaign means we can get closer to the cusp of what matters most to the sector. We’re looking forward to speaking to those at the very heart of it over the course of the campaign.”

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