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National Research Day: a look back at our most memorable stats

At Refresh, we conduct research surveys to ensure our clients cut through the noise and stand out amongst their competitors. Since today is National Research Day, we want to take this opportunity to revisit some of our most memorable stats…


“Over a third of heating installers (35%) said that they do not keep up to date with changes to regulations.”


Our survey of 150 domestic heating installers conducted on behalf of Polypipe Building Products, uncovered that a third are not doing their homework when it comes to changes to building regs.

This statistic is what led our campaign with Polypipe Building Products, as we sought out to educate heating installers on the updates to Part L of the building regulations.

The campaign, entitled ‘A Question of Regs’, saw us roll out a variety of content such as challenge videos where installers had to answer the questions correctly, or face a forfeit! The video campaign was hugely successful, resulting in over 95,000 views across social media channels.

Read the full case study from the campaign here.


“Almost two thirds (65%) of Brits don’t think having bad breath/a dry mouth is a symptom of dehydration”


We conducted a survey last year with Natural Mineral Water brand, Aqua Pura. One of the stats that stood out from the research was that 65% of Brits don’t think having bad breath or a dry mouth is a symptom of dehydration!

The results were based off an independent survey of 2,011 UK consumers.

This research provided us with a variety of different media angles, all with the same goal of educating the nation on the importance of staying hydrated and the symptoms of dehydration to look out for. As a result of this research campaign, and through the help of our third-party hydration expert, we were able to secure coverage in national consumer media such as The Sun, Daily Express and Daily Mail.


“Warehouses and facilities are suffering 27 days of downtime per year due to maintenance work – this equates to over a month of working days lost each year”


On behalf of our client Watco, high-performance paint and repair specialist, we surveyed 250 facilities management professionals to identify the current challenges and expectations for the future of the sector.

Through this research we secured a total of 85 pieces of coverage, 69 of which included backlinks to Watco’s website. This research enabled us to hit our objectives of positioning Watco as a key expert in the commercial paint and repair sector, increasing brand awareness amongst Watco’s target audience and modernising the content on the Watco website.

Read the full case study here.


“51% of architects say fire safety liability is one of their biggest challenges”


We conducted a survey of over 200 construction professionals on behalf of lightweight plasterboard manufacturer, Siniat. The research uncovered the pressures felt by architects, main contractors and building control professionals when it comes to fire safety liability.

Since the Grenfell tragedy, the industry has been under heavy scrutiny when it comes to fire safety – and rightly so. This led to numerous updates to fire safety legislation, changes to Approved Document B and the introduction of the Building Safety Act.

With so many changes, many in the industry felt unsure or concerned about whether they were ensuring compliance. The original insights from the research allowed us to position Siniat as a thought leader on the topic and provide advice to those in the industry who want to do better, but felt guidelines were unambiguous.

The campaign was featured in top tier titles such as Construction News, Building.co.uk and Roofing Cladding and Insulation.

If you’re looking to uncover some statistics on your sector or want to position your brand as a thought leader, get in touch today!

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