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In-roads to China: Refresh’s collaborative relationship with marketing agency Brandigo China is announced

We’re pleased to announce that we’re collaborating with Brandigo China, one of China’s leading marketing and communications agencies for international brands, to take our client’s reach to the Far East for the first time.

Building on a relationship that goes back 15+ years, we will be working collaboratively with Brandigo China to help our clients reach the Chinese audience by delivering campaigns from within China, to China.

Brandigo China has almost two decades of experience supporting international brands in achieving their China growth objectives, providing full-services agency support as part of what they describe as their ‘radically relevant’ approach to China marketing, identifying the correct channels and developing innovative and creative campaigns that move buyer behaviour wherever they are in their customer journey.

Brandigo China has worked with the likes of Boeing Jeppesen, Costco Wholesale, leading specialist chemical manufacturer, W.R. Grace, The UK’s Department for International Trade, Kingspan, Volvo Construction Equipment, Samsung, National Instruments, to name but a few.


PR and communications in China

China’s audience is huge; with a population of 1.4 billion, many UK business strategies include the need to target Chinese industry and consumers. But in order to do so, a specialised, targeted approach is required. China’s technology landscape looks completely different; there’s no Google, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and an there’s also entirely different media pool with a different way of working, so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work here.

This is where our collaborative relationship comes in. Based in Shanghai, Brandigo China’s team includes strategic planners, Chinese copywriters, designers, digital gurus, and media relations/influencer experts, with a thorough understanding of what marketing tactics work in China.

When combined with our in-depth knowledge of our clients and their products, we are able to work together to produce impactful campaigns that will see results in the Chinese market, whilst still remaining true to our client voice.


Social media in China

Understanding your target audience in China, and the channels used, is the first step to developing an effective marketing strategy. China’s social media and technology landscape is very different to the UK’s, for example. Here, we have an app for every occasion; WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Pay, Uber, Amazon, Instagram, Tinder – and many more. In China, social media apps are much more of a one-stop shop with the most notable platform being WeChat, which can be used for almost anything and everything. From booking a haircut, to paying household bills, sharing videos with friends and talking business with work colleagues, WeChat does it all. This isn’t something we’re able to access in the UK, so if you’re looking to run a social media campaign, this is the perfect example of why working in collaboration with a Chinese agency is so important for success.

The Oriental Pearl Tower located in the Shanghai district of Pudong

Chinese search engines

Similarly, search engines do not operate in the same way as they do elsewhere in the world. Whilst Google takes the top spot in most countries, Government restrictions in China mean that the search engine isn’t accessible. To be searchable in China, you’ll need a Baidu page. Baidu, China’s main search engine, rarely links to external websites, but instead brands have their own landing pages on the platform. Therefore, if you want to implement an effective online marketing strategy in China, traditional SEO tactics won’t cut it either.

By using technology and modern media strategically, Brandigo China is able to get under the skin of the target audience to create and deliver proven intelligent strategies.

We’re looking forward to working in collaboration with Brandigo China to elevate our client’s businesses by unlocking the potential of the vast Chinese market.

If you’d like to hear more about our collaboration or would like some support marketing to a Chinese audience, get in touch.

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