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Inspiring homeowners: Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live is an annual event which encourages businesses, homeowners and consumers to discover the newest trends in the home and garden sector.

From renovation projects and home upgrades to new product launches, the three day event showcased innovation while giving guidance to those hoping to embark on their own grand design.

Throughout the three day event, there were multiple talks from experts across the industry. The sessions focused on everything from measuring windows for the perfect fitting blind, to how timber can be used throughout a new build. It was a diverse agenda filled to the brim with insightful panels, presentations and Q&As.

Now, it would be difficult to cover the whole three day event in a single blog. So instead, we’ve collated our three key takeaways on how organisations can make the most of industry events to appeal to those thinking of making home improvements.

Getting the product into the hands of your customer

People attend events like Grand Designs Live to see products in the flesh. The rise of online shopping and the reduction in bricks and mortar shop fronts, has made it increasingly difficult for people to see products before they buy. For this reason, events of this nature are the perfect place to get your product in the hands of a customer – especially if you specialise in interiors!

People can buy products and services at Grand Designs Live, so being able to showcase the USPs of your product can really help to increase sales. Plus, many of the businesses in attendance come armed with exclusive discounts to encourage customers to buy there and then.

If an organisation is exhibiting at an event without their product, they really are missing a trick!

Give people a reason to visit your stand

Throughout the event, there was a whole host of businesses giving interactive demonstrations to potential customers. From kitchen knives and chopping boards to video doorbells and inflatable loungers, customers were able to see the products in action. No matter the type of product, the demonstrations were key to drawing in a crowd.

The House of Grand Designs, which was new this year, was the centrepiece of the event. The house showcased a whole host of different products which were available within the event. The space was designed to educate, inspire and wow visitors as soon as they walked through the door. It definitely did just that! It truly helped people to visualise how their home could look.

Making the most of experts

Many people think that the only way for experts to get involved in events like Grand Designs Live is via official speaker slots. However, this isn’t the case.

Yes, speaker slots are extremely worthwhile however they are often very competitive to secure, and can also be expensive. With this in mind, businesses should look at new ways of getting their experts seen by potential customers. What better place than on the stand surrounded by products?!

Every exhibitor gets their own stand, and this can be a really great place for experts to interact with potential customers and other experts within the industry.

New products and services are regularly launched across the home and garden sector, and events like Grand Designs Live are the perfect place to interact with customers and like-minded businesses.

If you’re interested in getting involved with events within the homes and garden sector, get in touch today!

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