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DrinkWell UK becomes a new client for Refresh!

There’s been a buzz around the office this week, and quite rightly so, as we’ve told the wider team that we’re going to be working with DrinkWell UK, the home of lower calorie alcohol.

DrinkWell, the UK’s home of the lifestyle drinks category, is the first and only place in the UK where consumers can find a broad range of Beers, Wines and Spirits which boast full strength ABV with fewer calories. Serving over 40,000 customers all over the UK with its range of sugar free wines, low carb beers and more, it has made a name for itself as the go to store for those looking to want to find balance, information, and alternatives.

The Drinkwell website boasts hundreds of options, from red, rose and white wine to IPA, lager, hard seltzers and cider (and more!). The site offers a massive range of options from gluten-free alcohol, vegan-friendly choices and even low sulphur wine. There’s something to suit everyone!

Follow on social media for more news about our work with Drinkwell UK soon, and why not follow @drinkwell_uk on Instagram to see just what you’re missing!

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