3 months at Refresh: What I’ve Learnt

In this blog, Jacob Robinson, the latest recruit on our graduate scheme, shares his experiences from his first few months working at Refresh.

Three months at Refresh has flown by, it seems like only yesterday that I was thinking about what my first day would be like and how I would adapt to working full time in an agency.

When my friends or family asked what my new job would involve, I found it hard to give them a simple answer. This was partly because I hadn’t yet got going in my role at Refresh but also because the work we do at Refresh is so diverse; it still would be a struggle to list all of the various tasks we get through in a week or month. Already I have been part of both B2B and B2C client teams, conducted research which will inform the overall strategy of a construction client, wrote a blog about consumer loyalty and have been involved in joint-agency client meetings.  

Working at a PR agency was the route I wanted to take into the communications sector for a number of reasons. The main reason, however, is that I wanted to work across different sectors and on varying briefs. I think it’s important to try and experience as many tasks and areas as possible to grow as a professional, and in life. Whilst many people may go on to be specialists in one area or another, there’s no getting away from the fact nearly every sector is linked in some way, so learning how to get results for one type of client will no doubt have a positive affect on my ability to replicate success for a future client in another sector.

The stereotype of agency life which paints a bad work-life balance or pressure being constantly piled on is not something I’ve experienced at Refresh; it’s been the opposite and I think that’s testament to everyone who’s helped me at Refresh. It’s definitely been a steep learning curve going straight from university into the fast-paced life of an agency exec but I think that has been an advantage.

The more tasks I’m given, the faster I can learn and this is because of the support I get from all of the team. Gaining information and advice from those more experienced than myself is something that I really value. And having the chance to easily ask a colleague who has years of experience in PR or someone who remembers what it’s like to be where I am now lets me feel supported, giving me the confidence to take on more challenging tasks and push myself knowing that if I need help, I’ve got it.

Another aspect of working at Refresh which I have valued is being exposed to the processes and decision making involved in developing future business strategy, pitching for new business and creating a holistic workplace culture. Seeing where the business is going allows me to have greater clarity about the day-to-day tasks which I perform as an exec but also gives me a sense of inclusion that may be lost in an agency which is twice the size of Refresh.  

I’m excited to keep developing my skills, gaining experience and for what the future holds for Refresh. 


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