Client Charter

Client Charter

We are often asked what makes us different: why choose to work with Refresh PR? And it is not only potential clients asking this question, it is also potential new team members. So, we have put down in black and white our Client Charter: these are the values that we hold key to our very existence here at Refresh PR.

Our values are our standards of behaviour - how we expect all team members, suppliers and clients to act. Values are subjective; what is important to us here at Refresh will not always to be crucial to someone else, and we understand that. What is important is for us to move ahead with clients, suppliers and team members who share the same values as us. If the principles that we hold dear and are also crucial to those we work with, then campaigns quickly gain momentum, enthusiasm oozes from everyone involved and success is a given. It really is that simple.

What to expect when working with, and for, Refresh PR:


We will be honest and ethical in everything we do

We will speak the truth, even at times when it may not be very well received. We will tell clients if we do not think their ideas will work, and instead, suggest something else in its place.


We will always be professional

Our professional approach spans all situations that we find ourselves in, both positive and less positive situations. We pride ourselves on resolving difficult situations by facing them head on. We want to work with clients, suppliers or team members who relate to, or agree, with our agency values.


We will remain focused on the end goal

We know our client KPIs, we know our own agency KPIs, and we work to these at all times. We will focus on ideas that deliver exactly what the business needs.


We support each other...

We will provide the best training possible, through The Refresh Academy, to all team members. We train and develop people as far as we can through consistent, positive and proactive mentoring. We identify high performers and fast-track them to ensure they reach their potential. We upskill our team, allowing each person to act as a consultant to our clients. We welcome with open arms great team members who truly support their colleagues, making Refresh PR a great place to work.


...and this means we support our clients

Our team of consultants in turn supports clients in everything they do. We offer advice on a daily basis, share information that could be of use, act as a sounding board as we understand being a managing director, or marketing director, can at times be quite a lonely life.


We will work hard, deliver and add value

We get to know our clients' businesses inside and out, so we want to see them succeed, safe in the knowledge that we helped achieve this success. After all, when our clients are successful, our team members are too.


We will be creative

In everything we do, no matter what sector and whether B2B or B2C, we will add in creative elements to keep a campaign fresh, interesting and unique. Creativity must run throughout everything we do, helping our campaigns cut through the noise and reach the target audience.


We quote fairly

We pitch our ideas and always quote fairly for that activity. This calculation is based on our experience of the PR world, and the resource we know our team needs to deliver what we are promising. We ask to be paid a fair amount for the value we deliver for clients, much like a team member expects the wage promised to them each month. If a quote is confusing, please ask! But please do not ask us to reduce our fees while expecting the same level of activity; we will struggle to deliver if we have less time than we need, and that is everything we want to avoid.


We learn

The business world, the media and the PR industry is constantly changing and we stay at the forefront of this so we can pass on these learnings and developments to our clients to benefit their business


Future clients can expect the above from Refresh, but please remember, we expect the same from you too.  When we gel, it is a match made in heaven. When we don't, sticky situations could arise, and we don't want these!  So, if you like what you read above, get in touch.