Backlink Building

SEO and Backlink Building 


Much of a business’ success is down to its exposure in the media its target audiences consume, and while traditional, offline coverage plays a huge part in this, digital PR is changing the way brands must work.


The wants of the media change daily. Increasingly, we are seeing journalists move away from traditional, hard news, in favour of ‘infotainment’ – a mixture of information and entertainment that readers associate and familiarise with. This is because, for many journalists working in today’s world, the aim is to keep users on their website or social media channels for as long as possible. By doing so, they prove the value of the content they’re writing to their editors, advertisers and audience in order to achieve cut through in a noisy and ever-changing industry.


This has, in turn, impacted the ways businesses think about their PR and marketing. Objectives are now targeted by online visibility scores, social engagements and the success of cross-channel campaigns.


Refresh PR has a deep understanding of the demands placed on the media to deliver, and the desire of businesses to achieve cut through in a competitive news agenda.


As such, Refresh PR has substantial experience in creating digitally-led PR campaigns, targeted specifically with helping improve a brand’s SEO. This is achieved by using clever techniques to secure coverage on high authority news and social websites which include live links back to a website.


From helping businesses jump from page three to page one on Google in the space of six months, to driving 100,000 visitors to a newly launched website in just a year, Refresh PR’s digital tactics are delivered with a business’ objectives in mind and aim to exceed expectations.