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OTONE Audio offers a complete range of speaker solutions to enhance the audio experience of any situation: at home, in the office or on the move.

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So whether you're watching a movie on your desktop, gaming on your PS3 or chilling out with friends in the park, with OTONE the quality and clarity of sound simply transforms the experience. And thanks to elegant styling and contemporary design, the PC speakers, laptop speakers and 5.1 surround sound systems look as good as they sound.



 Otone Audio and Refresh PR

So, what did the tech experts say?


T3 magazine:  OTONE has set itself apart from the pack with the Aporto portable speaker. In fact OTONE is aiming to set itself apart with almost all of the speakers it produces, and in a market which is certainly not lacking in choice this can only be a good thing.


Android Magazine 5* Editor's choice: Being able to detach each speaker and place them in different places gives the effect of a simulated surround sound experience, which is a nice feature that adds to a generally impressive package.


Gadgetoid:  I couldn't recommend these enough and suggest you keep an eye on OTONE as they look set for a promising future.


Xbox360 magazine: The sub and mid-range output of the Stilo 5.1 is designed to give a really meaty sound to any orchestral sweeps, as well as enhancing the clarity of any vocals.  With the solid build and exceptional sound quality of the Stilo, if you are looking for an upgrade, it is a safe investment.


For more information visit www.otoneaudio.co.uk.

 Otone Audio and Refresh PR