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Refresh PR launches volunteering scheme

With today being the International Day of Charity, we thought it the ideal opportunity to launch our new volunteering scheme.

As you may have noticed if you’ve followed us for a while, we’re passionate and proud of our Manchester roots and so the volunteering scheme actively encourages our team members to harness their skills and expertise, to give back to the local community and to add value to worthy organisations. Our scheme aims to empower team members to scope out opportunities that utilise and develop their skills whilst having a positive impact on others.

So, how will this work? We’ll allow each member of the Refresh PR team an entitlement of two days paid time to be spent on volunteering activity. Once the volunteering has taken place, we will encourage their experiences and learnings to be shared with the wider team.

The reception to the launch of the scheme has been absolutely brilliant, with every member of the team keen to get involved and give back. Account Director Lucy and Senior Account Executive Ben are going to get the ball rolling by putting on a workshop for local students which will highlight the diversity of digital careers and teach them how to produce social media content for businesses. This workshop will be delivered in conjunction with Refresh PR’s client Manchester Digital, as part of its Digital Future’s initiative.

You will be able to see how the workshop goes, and check out all subsequent volunteering by following our social media channels @RefreshPR.

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