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Why Did the Chicken Cross The Road? To Teach Us About Crisis Management

We all know about the recent KFC ‘Chicken Gate’ news story. Some of us will have experienced the chicken-less disappointment of an empty restaurant first hand, others will have read about it in the media, and some may have seen their social media connections in uproar about the situation.  


A chain of chicken shops running out of chicken and having to close restaurants nationwide is a pretty big crisis by all accounts, and will ultimately cost the fast-food chain millions.


But what really got people talking is KFC’s reaction to the crisis. The full page ‘FCK’ image placed in a national newspaper was genius. It didn’t make excuses, it didn’t pass blame – the company owned up in a funny, but to the point, tone of voice, and most importantly it apologised.


The image caught the attention of celebrities and marketing professionals alike, all praising the response, but the debate in the Refresh PR office is around whether this is an advert or a PR stunt.


Many people have called it a masterclass in PR crisis management, however does using paid for media space remove the PR element of the reaction?


The crisis reaction will have been designed by an advertising agency, the space in The Metro will have been bought by a media buying agency, so can this be classed as PR?


Here at Refresh PR we decided that this is an example of first class crisis communications, not necessarily PR – although that will have played a part.


The chicken shop didn’t wait for a nib in a newspaper carrying their quote apologising for the situation, or for a 30 second video of a spokesperson being interviewed outside of a restaurant. They owned the situation they were in by being bold, brave, funny and apologetic.


They understood the power of social media to spread the word and that ultimately with the right advert and the right sentiment, their customers would respond in the way they needed them to – by sharing pictures of the advert and most importantly forgiving them. 


So hats off to the Colonel and his marketing team – they nailed this situation with the perfect crisis communications response.


To learn more about crisis communications why not attend our event on 11th April 2018



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Tangible PR and 2018 - the year it finally becomes the norm

We are now four weeks into 2018 and it’s been a whirlwind already. What is clear is that this year will definitely be one of change all round as technology marches forward, the political landscape evolves, and our very own industry continues to turn everything we know on its head.


A few days ago industry title The Drum led with news that advertisers had started to feel the pinch with $10bn worth of media business under review. Is this a lot? Is this the norm? I’m not sure – with the ad budgets of the major brands easily reaching into the millions, perhaps not? But the fact that the media is talking about ‘feeling the pinch’ means we are also talking about it.


What is certain in the PR world is that everyone wants more in 2018 – but not necessarily more hours dedicated to their account, rather more certainty that the activity will cut through and deliver a difference. This means measurement is coming to the forefront, finally, and quite right too.  In fact in a recent pitch we spent over half an hour discussing measurement with the prospective client.


Article after article debating this issue fills my inbox, to my bemusement. It’s been something that’s been built into Refresh PR’s foundations – we simply don’t propose and run campaigns that can’t show an impact on a business.


So, how can PR be measured?


It’s not actually as difficult as people make out, for example:


Trading online? Then build increased traffic to the website as a key metric. Most of our clients have this as a KPI. We monitor Google Analytics and report back to them on a weekly and monthly basis and are able to demonstrate just how we’ve made a difference.


Working with influencers? Measure engagement levels – how many people commented that your brand was great? Give your influencer a sales code to promoted to their network and measure redemption levels


Want more people to talk about your brand? Invest a small amount in research to benchmark where you are now, and then again at the end of the campaign. Watch social media and the internet in general carefully to view the increase in brand mentions


A good PR strategy


Before setting the KPIs, make sure you’re measuring the right thing. Go back to the drawing board and your PR strategy. Who do you want to reach, with what message, by when, and what action do you want them to take? If you are 100% certain of what you want people to do, then focus on this and measure the progress!


Analysis is crucial


Much like online advertising, thanks to Google Analytics we can measure so much more than ever before, and really understand what our target audiences are doing.  Making sure the PR team is doing this on a weekly basis means that campaigns can be tweaked and readjusted regularly, to ensure the target audiences are consistently being reached, and positively influenced, by the campaign.


Which all brings me back to my initial thought when I read the article: $10bn of advertising spend? Put it into PR activity instead!!






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Refresh shortlisted for two Manchester PR Agency Awards

2016 was packed with award shortlists and wins and 2017 is looking to be just as busy. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for two of the MPA’s Inspiration Awards 2017. Our ‘Food Porn Awards’ campaign for STM Photography has been shortlisted for Best PR Agency Campaign (one of just four shortlisted campaigns), and we’ve also been shortlisted in the Small PR Agency of the Year category.


At Refresh, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and creative ideas that help our clients achieve their business objectives, whether they are in the B2B or consumer sectors. Our campaigns have won awards since the inception of Refresh PR and we are very proud that we have been recognised for this once again. The team at Refresh is incredibly passionate about our clients, their campaigns and the PR and communications industry itself, and this is reflected in the results achieved.


Celebrating the best agencies and campaigns within the creative, media, publishing and digital industries, the MPA Inspiration Awards champions creatively minded people, which is clear from the agencies shortlisted this year.


Good luck to all those shortlisted and we’ll see you at the awards ceremony in October!


Meanwhile, view the whole shortlist on the MPA website here 




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