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Promoting a hashtag increases tweets about a TV show by a massive 63%

A new study by Brandmatch has looked at the characteristics of a sample of Twitter users. The study reveals that while women tweet more, men are more likely to have a moan and complain via the social networking site.

Interestingly, the report also finds that TV shows promoting a hashtag at the beginning of transmission saw massive increases in the number of Twitter users commenting and talking about the show.


For example, when X Factor used the hashtag ‘#xfactor’, it got 63% more tweets than shows that didn’t use a hashtag.


That’s a huge increase in online traffic; and if all these people are talking about your show or product (hashtags also feature in adverts) online, you could also consider how many people will turn over to watch or research what’s creating the Twitter frenzy.


It’s like an enormous living room of people discussing their viewing habits together.


The survey also found that viewers of Downton Abbey tweeted throughout the show whereas Homeland viewers only tweeted before the show started or after it had concluded.


This seems perfectly plausible to me. Poor Downton Abbey viewers have to go for the hardship of beloved characters dying unexpectedly every week (i.e. cousin Matthew and Lady Sybil). Of course they’re going to tweet ‘OMG’ mid episode.


#Jointheconversation with @RefreshPR on Twitter. We'd love to hear your thoughts.


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The X Factor Makeovers...Get The Look

The finalists were selected, the judges were ready, the songs had been chosen and the makeovers were complete….Saturday night was X Factor time.  This weekend saw the return of the live shows  to our screens, with the final 16 ready to battle it out and with the new judges determined to impress.

Now, I know the X Factor is all about the music, but for me one of the best parts is the finalist makeovers.  On Saturday night the contestants took to the stage, styled and groomed to within an inch of their lives and working their new looks.  The question is…who looked the best?

It’s a tough one because they all looked so very different, and that’s down to one thing: hair colour.  It seems they had all been hitting the hair dye to go from drab to fab in an instant, and it worked!  Just consider Janet Devlin, who was transformed with a flame-haired make over.  It’s not an easy look to pull off but Janet had it down to a tee, teaming her new hair with her vintage, indie style to match that quirky voice of hers.  I’ve always thought she’d look amazing if she stuck to her roots and went for a funky gothic look, a la Florence Welch, and she didn’t disappoint.  On Saturday night she was flaunting her new look in a cream lace number, and Sunday night’s results show saw her working a ‘Florence’ inspired dress of black, lace and big sleeves. 

It wasn’t just Janet who had been hitting the (hair dye) bottle to complete their makeover.  Amelia Lily, the Christina Aguilera of the competition, took her locks from platinum white to a rosy pink ahead of the live shows on Saturday.  Pink…it’s an interesting one I know, but it seems to work, not only on Amelia but on a fair few celebs who have been working the trend too.  Fearne Cotton, Sienna Miller and Katy Perry have all stepped out sporting the look.  I was really disappointed to see Amelia go, especially because I thought she was the one to watch on the style front, she had a touch of a Lady Gaga about her, didn’t you think?  Even her song choice of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ was a risky one.

I thought it was a great idea for Amelia to go down the pink route; she’s always stood out in the auditions for having her own style.  It’s just a shame that we won’t see her funky sense of style again on the shows.

Feisty girl group Rhythmix were flaunting different colours and styles too.  They had a mix of platinum blondes, honey and caramel extensions, and that ever-famous Rihanna red.

So, X Factor was all about the hair colour this weekend, and thankfully the enormous selection of hair dyes available in the stores makes it easy for us to stay on trend and rock these colourful celeb looks at home.   There are some great accessories out there too that make the whole hair dying process ten times easier, and with very little mess. Enter Refresh PR’s new client: Tie Towel!

The Tie Towel is a brilliant investment for anyone who is a fan of colouring their own hair; it’s the perfect home hair colouring towel that drapes over your shoulders, with a toggle that you can pull up at the front to keep your clothes and neck from getting a colour change too.  It’s bleach and tint resistant and machine washable, so there are no more towels ruined when you fancy a hair change.  It’s a must have for any hair obsessive.  The Tie Towel is available at Boots and Superdrug now for just £9.99.

I hope you enjoyed watching the X Factor as much as I did.  Roll on next weekend so that we can take in the styles and transformations once again as they’re sure to be the must have looks for winter 2012, and I haven’t even started on the judges yet…. 


Don’t forget to follow Tie Towel on Twitter @TieTowel and on Facebook for competitions, spot give aways and top hair trends and tips.

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Product Placement: Things are about to get interesting!

With the announcement this week that product placement is to be allowed on British TV programmes for the first time from next year, PR agencies across the country are already vying for opportunities for their clients.  It means that from 28th February, paid-for references to products and services will be permitted in films, sports programmes, soaps and one-off dramas – and not forgetting reality TV - which is sure to be a massive money spinner.


It’s good to see that restrictions will remain on children's, religious, news and current affairs programmes – it seems the powers that be have taken a sensible approach. 


As the new rules state that product placement must be editorially justified, we’ve taken a look at some examples from across the pond where the laws have been relaxed for years – there are some good ones, some bad ones, and some downright ugly ones...and this by no means is an exhaustive list, just some of our high (and low) lights!


Twilight: New Moon – I still to this day cringe at the point in the film when Bella and Alice take off for Italy to save Edward.  In a film that I love, it’s very hard to watch a five second clip of a Virgin Atlantic plane randomly flying across my TV screen – so out of place and unnecessary in the context of the rest of the film (which was amazing!).  Thankfully there were no major plane journeys to be taken in Eclipse, so I hope Breaking Dawn doesn’t stoop to this level again when part one comes out next year!


Twilight Saga – Whereas Virgin Atlantic’s appearance in the film was annoying, I wonder how much Volvo has benefitted from the fact the whole world now knows that sexy vampires drive the brand's cars?  What a coup for Volvo, not known for being the trendiest car on the planet...sudden exposure to a whole new generation of teenagers undertaking their driving test as we speak: genius move!


James Bond: Casino Royale – For me the James Bond films are allowed to have major product placement, it just fits with the gadget story lines and adds to the credibility of this well loved franchise.  So whether its Omega watches, Sony gadgets or a whole host of fast cars, bring it on, it’s allowed and we love it.


Sex & The City – If what this programme (and subsequent films) did for Manolo Blahnik could ever be quantified, I’d love to see the outcome.  Built into the story lines, it’s another example of how product placement just works.  So whether it’s the storyline with Lucy Liu and the Hermes Birkin bag or it is simply the famous shoes themselves, a whole range of designers have done very, very well out of this fabulous show!


The Women – With far, far too many lingering close-ups of various Dove products, it seems subtlety is an art that was lost on the makers of The Women.  Apparently, the film deals with many of the issues that have been the focus of Dove’s 'Campaign for Real Beauty'.  It might just be me, but isn’t leading lady Meg Ryan a poster child for bad plastic surgery?  Not Dove’s wisest move.


Music Videos – The worst surely has to be Lady Gaga’s Telephone video?  In almost 10 minutes it plugs at least 10 separate brands, including Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke and Polaroid.  Although it brings in a lot of money for the star and her team, doesn’t it just really date the video? Technology is moving too quickly – don’t do it!!


Mission: Impossible - Apple paid a lot of money to have Macs pop up in the film and were right by his side whenever the lovely Ethan Hunt needed one – but does it do for Apple what the association for Sony does in Casino Royale...?


The Devil Wears Prada – A massively popular film, particularly with PRs like us, had the unforgettable connection to Starbucks.  And with the multiple mentions and sightings of the coffee giant, perhaps it was a cliché too far?  We’re on the fence with this one...mainly because of our allegiance to the film!


US X Factor - It has been reported this week that Simon Cowell has signed a £35 million deal with Pepsi for the US version of The X Factor.  The judges will be seen drinking Pepsi products during the programme, plus contestants and presenters will be shown with the drink on The Xtra Factor.  You have been warned!


So as commercial stations begin to prepare their product placement/sponsorship packages, PR agency after PR agency will be watching the outcome.  Manchester’s Coronation Street, London’s EastEnders and Yorkshire’s Emmerdale will be the ones I’m watching first – it’s going to be an interesting year!

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Is there such a thing as bad PR? Not if you’re on the X Factor!

We at Refresh PR can’t help being a little cynical about Louis Walsh’s criticism of Cher Lloyd this week. It is the run up to the final, after all. By branding her a ‘brat’ because she’s already acting like a star and predicting that she’ll be first to go from this week’s final, Louis has been very clever in riling the UK’s Cher fans, adding fuel to the fire of her critics, and guaranteeing headlines in the nationals and on broadcast and social media channels in the lead up to the X Factor’s biggest night of the year.

This got us thinking, is there such a thing as bad publicity? It seems that when it comes to X Factor, the answer is a definite ‘no.’ By admitting that Cher is very watchable but would be a nightmare to manage, he’s reaffirming the very reasons we either love or hate her, and ensuring the fingers of journalists and bloggers up and down the country are continuing to pound those keyboards. Which means that we keep talking about it, keep watching it, and keep downloading performances from YouTube, even if we don’t like the performer or just fancy a laugh.

The X Factor’s publicity team is certainly playing a good PR game. You can’t open a gossip mag, women’s glossy or newspaper without reading about the latest from the X Factor camp or having the mags’ stylists dissecting the contestants’ outfits, hair and make-up, and you definitely can’t listen to or watch a news broadcast without Cheryl or Dannii’s dulcet tones gracing our airwaves and screens with a prediction for who’ll be voted off next. It does seem a little sad, though, that the X Factor’s PR team does little to prevent the media from continuing to run the ‘hate’ campaigns against individual contestants like Katie Waissel, Wagner and Danyl Johnson that have sprung up in recent years. Perhaps as long as there are headlines involved, all’s fair in love and PR.

On a lighter note, the Refresh PR team cannot WAIT for the final this weekend. We’re a bit ashamed to admit it, but we want One Direction to win. Who are you supporting?

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