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10 days at Refresh PR - My Work Placement


After meeting with the team I was excited to see how life working in Manchester city centre would be. By the tenth day I was pretty astonished by the amount of work I had been involved in. It’s been a real learning curve in understanding the effort that goes into running a PR agency and developing a career in this field. The rest of the team were very welcoming and it’s been great getting hands on experience in a fast-paced environment, rather than being sent to make coffee all day!

It’s been all systems go since entering the building here at Refresh PR. Our clients received a lot of coverage in May so one of my first tasks was to create coverage boards for their offices. This seemed fairly laid back and I wondered what all the talk of PR not being for the faint hearted was about - I was then warned ‘wait until you come back tomorrow.’ I also began updating the social media sites and it showed me the importance of social networking. Just a day or two later someone had commented on how impressive the coverage we had received was, and how they had seen it on our Facebook page.

Early on in the placement I was speaking with well-known tabloid newspapers, magazines and websites. By doing this, hopefully, we will have some great coverage for one of our clients, fingers crossed. This has taught me the importance of excellent communications between the PR team, the media and prospective clients. This process, and what the Refresh team do, demonstrates that building and maintaining good relationships in PR is highly important; this was then emphasised in some meetings I went to.

On my first Friday afternoon I shadowed Anna at a business meeting where we discussed an exciting festival event for one of our clients. There were fun and innovative ideas proposed which gave me insight to the work that goes into festivals and product promotion behind the scenes. The following Friday I was taken along to an interview and photo-shoot for one of our clients.

All of this in just ten days- I think I’m getting to grips with why PR isn’t for the faint hearted! With the team expanding and more work on the horizon it’s going to be interesting to see what more I learn over the rest of this placement.




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