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The Single's Guide to Valentine’s Day

Blog by Fliss.

Recent research from Channel 4 shows that almost 55 per cent of Mancunians are single; more people in our metropolitan city are without a long-term partner than with. So, what happens if you don’t get struck by Cupid's arrow before Valentine’s Day?

In solidarity with all Mancunian singletons, Refresh PR has come up with a romance-free guide to Manchester which manages to avoid all things Valentines! We understand how important it is to bypass vomit-inducing couples at any cost. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em...isn't that the expression?

Breakout Manchester

We wouldn’t usually suggest locking yourself in a room to get away from Valentine’s Day; however Breakout could be the easiest option to avert all those hearts and flowers! It is a unique and fun activity for friends or family and is Manchester’s number one live escape room game. In teams of 2 - 5 you have 60 minutes to escape a locked room using only the power of your brain.

Dusk til Pawn

This secret bar is an ideal way to get away from all the Valentines Lovebirds! Set amongst the culture and backdrop of Manchester's ever-growing Northern Quarter, the former fortune teller's den is concealed within the rows of similar looking vintage shops and small bars. The bar has an impressive and extensive array of spirits and cocktails, from the well-known and innocent to the crazy and sinful. So secret in fact, you can only find it online through Twitter –

Lucky Voice Karaoke

Grab a group of friends and sing your lonely heart out. My suggested songs are: Kelis’s ‘‘I hate you so much right now’’, Taylor Swift’s ‘We’re never ever getting back together’’ and Alanis Morissette’s ‘You oughta know’’. Lucky Voice Karaoke is the perfect place to (privately) sing away all your relationship misfortunes.

Love Sucks Special

For all of you out there who dread Valentine’s Day, head to the Deaf Institute for the GOO: Love Sucks Special. GOO is a brilliant monthly tribute to all things 90's Indie, Britpop, Grunge and Shoegaze. What better way is there to forget your love life (or lack of love life) - there won’t be a rose or a candle in sight. 11pm – 3am: £4.50 ADV / £5 OTD.

Murder on the Dance Floor

Join Manchester Murder Mysteries for an entertaining alternative to the traditional Valentine’s celebration at The Deansgate Tavern. Its 50’s Prom-themed Murder Mystery night ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ offers a great evening of humour, mystery and entertainment. Work in teams through clues and evidence, and take part in games and activities to try and solve the murder. Hopefully it won’t give you any ideas on how to get rid of your ex for good!

Matt and Phreds’ Valentine’s Day Massacre

Most notably known for showcasing the best in local and international jazz, Matt & Phreds offers much, much more. Leave 2015 at the door and let the Speakeasy Bootleg Band "time machine" whisk you to the world of The Great Gatsby: it's Valentine's Day 1929, Al Capone has just slaughtered his rivals and Wall Street is about to crash, and Matt and Phreds is the only place to be.


So, why not break away from tradition and have fun celebrating singledom! If you have any suggestions or tips which we can add to our Valentine’s Singles Guide, let us know in the comments below.




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