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Refresh PR runs Twitter Q&A with client Polypipe Home Solutions

Have you a burning question about heating your home? Are you fighting for furniture space with your radiators? Or are your curtains staying cosy while they cover an under-window radiator, while you’re still snuggling into a onesie on the sofa whilst relaxing in the evening?


Perhaps you’ve recently received a quote from a plumber and you’d like a second opinion?


Or, do you read OK! magazine every week and secretly yearn for a celebrity style home, complete with underfloor heating to pad around, but think this is impossible without an enormous celebrity salary (we’re looking at you Kylie, with your £2m cheque for a 60 minute gig at a hotel launch)?


Well here’s your chance to get these questions and more answered when Refresh PR assists client Polypipe Home Solutions with its first live Twitter Q&A session on the 28th June.


Having launched @PolypipeHome for Polypipe Home Solutions, Refresh PR’s tracking tools noticed an increasing number of homeowner and self-builder conversations on such subjects. Running a Q&A session directly from those in the know is just one way that the brand will be interacting with its customers over the coming few months.


So homeowners, get tweeting!


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