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Putting a price on silence

You could be fooled into thinking that money really can buy you anything these days – including silence. Just ask Ryan Giggs, who in 2011 spent £150,000 on a super PR aencies Manchesterinjunction after his affair with “Miss Wales”. Unfortunately for Giggs, Liberal Democrat MP, John Hemming, used his parliamentary privilege to ‘out’ the footballer just a few months after the injunction was granted. Hardly money well spent…


More recently, a well-known - but still unnamed - British celebrity was scandalised for their extramarital affair. The individual in question was granted a ‘super-injunction’ for an undisclosed sum after judges decided lifting the ban would have ‘devastating consequences’ for the celebrity’s family. Despite being named in the Scottish press, American press, and on social media, the name has yet to be disclosed in England and Wales.


Is it fair that money can buy you silence? Are such rulings impeding freedom of speech, and is judicial secrecy being overused?


Admittedly these super-injunctions do often protect innocent bystanders such as family and children. Caught up in a mess created by someone else, innocent parties shouldn’t suffer the consequences of a family member’s poor judgement.


Yet with increasing pressure on the law to overturn rulings and rising anger from the media around freedom of speech, speculators have suggested it is only a matter of time before super-injunctions are outlawed.


From Jeremy Clarkson to Andrew Marr and the countless others who had enough money to spare themselves embarrassment, there could be many more skeletons in the closet. Watch this space…





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