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Refresh PR and Acorn Treatment snags some great coverage!

Acorn Treatment and Refresh PR are ecstatic with the recent coverage in the Greater Manchester Business Week. The four page feature covers Acorn’s amazing furniture store, Restore and ways in which Acorn create employment for people who have completed their treatment. This is a well deserved piece for our clients and we feel privileged to have helped spread the awareness of this life-changing organisation!


Registered charity Acorn Treatment and Housing (formally ADAS) has been a successful treatment provider for over 14 years.  Its first project opened in Stockport in 1997 as a day centre offering treatment to individuals and their families affected by addiction. Since opening, the organisation has treated hundreds of drug and alcohol users and assisted them in achieving abstinence. Its family programme compliments primary treatment and helps relatives cope with the damage that has been caused by addiction.


Acorn Treatment addresses the whole problem whilst recognising addiction as being primarily based in the mind. A team of highly trained counsellors offering a range of professional therapies works with local agencies and the criminal justice system, including Police, Probation and the Prison Service.


The innovative work provided to Prolific Offenders has won National recognition and awards from cross party think tanks such as The Centre for Social Justice. Acorn’s work in providing joined-up treatment both in custody and out in the community has developed real treatment pathways and through-care for drug and alcohol misusing offenders.  For more information visit








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Restore Opens Its Doors For Acorn Treatment & Housing

Early on Friday morning Laura and I were in Stockport, tackling the cobbles of the Stockport The Beautiful Cupcakes at RestoreMarket streets in our heels and heading for the grand opening of a brand new shop ‘Restore.’  Restore is a furniture restoration shop and it does just what it says, transforming old and unwanted wooden furniture into stunning modern-day pieces suitable for all rooms of the home.  We arrived to find an already bustling shop, and we completely fell in love with it, not to mention the fabulous cupcakes that they provided for guests that tasted just as good as they looked.

The furniture was shabby chic, vintage and beautifully classic, the accessories and knick-knacks were stylish and pretty, and the atmosphere was a vibrant and happy one.  We absolutely loThe furniture at Restore is fabulousved the furniture, and it was hard to believe that it wasn’t brand new.  The pieces have been magnificently restored by some very talented hands.  I should warn you now, I challenge anybody to walk around the shop and not purchase something!

Another very special feature of the shop is that Restore donates all profits made to Refresh PR’s client, Acorn Treatment and Housing.  Acorn Treatment is a registered charity and is an organisation that has treated hundreds of drug and alcohol users and assisted them in achieving abstinence.  Its family programme also helps relatives cope with the damage that has been caused by addiction.  It is a truly inspiring and wonderful charity that has transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

The location of the shop is fantastic, sitting directly opposite St. Marys Church, I’m sure you can imagine the view from the enormous windows is a very special one.  Throughout the morning we had been expecting rain after seeing a slightly disheartening weather forecast, but the sun shone brightly, and as the Mayor arrived to cut the ribbon and declare the shop open, it was draped in a blanket of sunshine.

I’m sure that you can tell how much the Refresh PR team loves the store, and the charity that it is helping.  We want to raise as much awareness as possible, so if you have any old wooden furniture that isn’t wanted any more then give Restore a call on 0161 480 1904.  They will come and pick it up from you and take it back to the shop to be transformed. 

The fabulous furniture in RestoreI would recommend to anybody that they should go and take a look around Restore; it’s the perfect place to find that special Christmas gift, or that one off beautiful piece of furniture to complete any room.

Don’t just take our word for it; get down to 1 Market Place, Stockport today and find yourself discovering the wonders of Restore. Treat yourself to a very special gift whilst helping a very worthy cause. 

The news of Restore opening made it on to the airwaves last week too, with Pure 107.8FM featuring it on 'Stockport Focus.' 

To find out more about Acorn Treatment and Housing visit

Restore, 1 Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1EW

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