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Refresh PR speeds up with Jan Farrell

You may not have heard of Jan Farrell before now, but he is the UK’s fastest speed skier in 2015; speed skiing being the fastest non-motorised sport in the world. At the end of Jan’s last season which finished in April 2015, he came sixth on the World Cup circuit. When Jan approached us recently, it came as a shock that ourselves and the British public had not been made aware of his sport, that he was one of the best in it - and comes from just down the road in Lancaster.


Jan wanted to make the British media aware of himself and his highly technical and admirable sport, encouraging more people to follow it and the younger generations to get involved with it. We knew this challenge wasn’t going to be an easy one: it was out of season and the UK press was focusing on summer sports, the Grand National was a week later and the golf coverage was in full flow, but we certainly believed in what Jan was doing and were going to try our damnedest to make this great sport known.


Three weeks later we’d done it, and we were on the train on our way to London where Jan was meeting us for a live interview with Sky Sports News, skis and helmet in tow. Jan headed into makeup and then was placed in front of the presenters where the ten minute interview commenced. This is just what the sport needed - the chance to be on live TV and to tell avid sports fans why they should follow it. Jan highlighted all the great stuff coming up for him and encouraged younger skiers to come up through the ranks and join British teams. This interview also gave Jan the chance to tell the viewers about the seven world record attempts he would be going for over the next few years, or as we favourably named them; the seven deadly skis.


Later that day we’d also arranged for an interview for Jan with The Independent’s sport team. A very lively journalist quizzed Jan on speed skiing, the tremendous speeds Jan and his competitors reached and how it feels racing down a mountain at over 140mph (yep, you heard us). This lengthy interview resulted in a great write up online and nearly a full page in the paper - a piece of coverage that now hangs proudly on the wall next to my desk.


Jan completed day two of his trip with an appearance at Chill Factore, the indoor ski centre in Manchester, where he wow’ed onlookers with his red latex skiing outfit and beat the centre’s record for the fastest to ski down its slope, all captured on cam by CBBC Newsround. A quick pop back down to London for a live chat on talkSPORT’s Hawksbee & Jacob’s show then turned into 20 minutes of friendly chit chatter on-air, followed by a quick try of Jan’s helmet for the presenters - all publicised on the show’s Twitter feed. Jan then flew back to Madrid after a hectic but fruitful two days to make up for his short break from the intensive training regime, which involves long mornings in the gym and even longer days on the piste.


This is just one example of the dedication and passion of the team at Refresh PR. We produced amazing results, and it’s a campaign that I will personally always be proud to have worked on. We’re counting down the days to join Jan out in Andorra this winter, when the season kick starts and the slopes speed up!




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