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Refresh PR is on the job with Detail2Recruitment

Our direct marketing campaign for recruitment specialist, Detail2Recruitment, will use content generation to reinforce its expertise in key industries.


Creating content that is informative, engaging and highly relevant to their target audience is top of the list for many businesses, but can be a tricky balancing act. Working with recruitment specialist, Detail2Recruitment, our latest direct marketing campaign will produce creative content to cut through the noise in the retail and leisure sectors and highlight the business’ expertise.


With offices in Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Dublin, Detail2Recruitment has specialist teams covering the retail, leisure and hospitality and digital sectors. Its expertise has resulted in significant revenue growth and long-term partnerships with household names including Casual Dining Group, Debenhams and Carphone Warehouse.


With the recruitment sector booming and a spotlight on how best to provide businesses with engaging materials that resonate, this project enables us to do just that by offering creative content and new insights. The campaign runs until the end of November and we can’t wait to see the results!


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The sun is out, and I am already thinking of the snow

It’s May and the summer is just kicking off, but what I’m really enjoying at the moment is the amount of buzz around gadgets, gizmos and new gear for the 2011/12 ski and boarding season.


Last week I saw news on twitter of a pole that can be strapped to a snowboard, to help along the flat bits.  Anyone who is learning to board will know the feeling of seeing the dreaded flat ahead, and know that unless you have a charitable skiing buddy next to you, it’s going to be a long walk ahead.  But you have to consider, what’s going to ruin your credibility less: walking across said flat stretch, or kneeling down, unstrapping a pole on your board and starting punting Venice-stylee?  Boarding is cool, let’s keep it that way please!  My advice would be to learn to go faster while you can, then you’ll cruise the flats!


Meanwhile I met Rory from Surefoot not so long back – a great company which customises ski boots.  Everyone who has ever skied will understand the pain that can be caused by badly fitted boots – in fact it’s the reason I started boarding – so the guys at Surefoot started to customise boots for their clients.  Twenty five years and nearly half a million boots later, and they’ve hit the nail on the head.  Rory’s just started a quirky blog which may be fun to follow too.


Helmet cams are something I’m going to be looking at for the season ahead too.  I’d love to have a second look at some of the runs after a day up the mountain, so any recommendations for make/model would be much appreciated please!  There are so many new ones launching that it would be good to get some advice.


Gadgets aside,  the best thing about the 2011/12 ski season for me will be the football.  With Man City now officially in the Champion’s League (okay, we have to get through the qualifiers, but still....) this means potential fixtures across Italy and France are on the cards.  The link here is a  genius ski/football company called Alpine Apres.  The company can take lucky punters, who happen to be on a week’s skiing holiday in the Alps, down to some of the top European matches.  So, if you happen to be on holiday during the week of a fixture in a resort from which they operate  (and there are many across Italy and France) you can book in with your rep and see a top fixture for a really reasonable price.  While out boarding in Italy a few years ago I was able to watch Inter Milan vs Liverpool, so as a life-long (and long suffering) City fan, it’s going to be amazing – albeit fairly surreal - to finally watch my team over there.   And all combined with a few days up the mountain too!  Now there’s something to really look forward to!



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