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New office launch sees industry experts debate value of great design

With years of experience leading campaigns in the built environment sector, here at Refresh we know our clients truly value developing new relationships with key decision makers. Having built a large network of contacts, we relish the opportunity to bring together experts in the field who we know will hit it off professionally and to help create new partnerships for our clients.


At the end of 2015, our client Space Zero, a Manchester-based interior design consultancy specialising in education and healthcare, shared the news it would be moving to a brand new office in September 2016 and would be designing the space to create an unrivalled workplace in the city.

Never one to miss an opportunity to showcase our clients’ expertise and innovation, we organised a series of round table events.

Working together with Space Zero, we brought together academics, contractors, architects and consultants on two October mornings to discuss challenges affecting their sector and be treated to a guided tour of the new office from Space Zero’s CEO, Wayne Taylor.

The first event focused on healthcare design with attendees from leading businesses including Pozzoni, Rider Hunt and Interserve discussing the challenges of designing spaces to provide an empathetic and comfortable environment for dementia patients.

The second, focussing on the design of schools across England, saw experts from JM Architects, Wates, Bowmer & Kirkland, the University of Manchester and other industry heavyweights debate the elements of school design most likely to result in positive outcomes for pupils.

While the attendees shared their varying views, different experiences and raised questions about the future of the industry, what was clear from both events is that the sector thrives on collaboration, shared values and a passion for using design to make a difference – whether for employees, students or dementia patients.

Plans are already in place for a third round table to be held very soon. So if you work in the interiors, architecture or construction industries, look out for an invitation heading your way!

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