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Ready, Set, Pokemon Go!

Last week saw another social media trend break the internet, and this time it wasn’t Kim Kardashian. It was in fact the latest mobile gaming app set to take the world by storm – introducing… Pokémon Go! With struggling gaming group Nintendo holding a minority share, its launch is being hailed as the brand’s rebirth and it’s no wonder…

By the end of the game’s first weekend in the US, it had already racked up approximately 7.5 million downloads; only two days later this number had more than doubled to 15 million and this was before it even reached the UK. By Thursday of last week though, it had arrived fascinating even the less gaming savvy among us.

The idea behind the game is simple; catch as many Pokémon as you can using a game based on augmented reality. As a result, the concept has really made augmented reality just that: a reality for everyone, as Marketing Week reported recently.

I think this is the unique selling point of this game; it allows us to blur the lines between the Pokémon world and the world we live in. The Pokémon are hidden in the garden, on the street even in offices around the UK - a rather exciting concept. The aim of the game is obvious – ‘you gotta catch em’ all’.

This game has been so popular in the US that it has now overtaken Twitter as the most used app with users spending an average of 33 minutes a day catching Pokémon. Based on the response so far it is likely to do the same in the UK too, particularly as it launched just in time for the school holidays.

Like all social phenomena that appear quickly on our screens, it comes with an army of sceptics. Concerns have been raised asking whether it will lead children into unknown and unsafe areas or result in mobile phone theft as more people go out hunting for Pokémon. Only this week in Manchester, a 15 year old boy was arrested after stealing the phones of two student out playing the game.

However, it’s safe to say that Pokémon Go has started the largest gaming trend in history, and I for one am pretty impressed with the use of augmented reality, bringing to life a popular 90’s kids TV show that has captured the minds of adults and children alike. What’s more, it adds a real sense of hilarity to what was once a mundane walk home from work.

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Horns at the ready, fingers steady – it’s the end of an era as legend Chris Moyles exits Radio One

Chris Moyles: Officially my saviour!


Its 2004, I’ve been in my first ‘real’ job for four years and struggling to get out of bed in the mornings.  Then Chris Moyles arrives on my airwaves.


I do remember breakfasts with Zoe Ball and Sara Cox…vaguely.  I will remember The Chris Moyles Show forever. 


I like Chris Moyles because he has an opinion about everything, and everyone has an opinion about him.  Whether good or bad, he polarises the nation.  I like that.  He’s not afraid to say what he thinks, even if it’s not the popular opinion of the day.  When Refresh PR was established we said we’d stay true to our roots, commit to clients long-term and also be honest with our clients – whether this was the popular thing to do or not.  These values are important to us all, and perhaps that’s why I enjoy the breakfast show so much.  He is definitely honest, northern and frankly, I find him funny. 


I’m not a mornings person, I never will be.  But waking up from a deep sleep to hear Moyles ranting about a lack of pay (I remember cringing at that one), how he needs to go back to bed, his traumas with his trainer at the gym or the footie result the night before really does help me crawl out of my pit.  He gets excited when he meets celebs – he’s just like the rest of us!  And he dares to see how far he can push them.


But it’s how he’s evolved the show over the past eight+ years that’s amazing.  Eight years in the same job is impressive, particularly in the job he’s in.  Truth be told, The Chris Moyles Show has seen me through four jobs, and while they have all shaped my career massively, that’s four jobs that I’ve had while he’s got up week in, week out pre-6am to deliver my morning entertainment.


When he’s off on holiday I find myself resenting his need for a break while watching BBC Breakfast then listening to the iPod on the way to work.  So this Sunday night will mark a milestone in my life as I move my tuning dial on the radio over to Mike and Chelsea on Manchester’s Key 103, which could be a big benefactor of the BBC’s decision to get rid of Moyles here in Manchester.  After all, where are eight million listeners who love the chat show-style broadcast meant to move their allegiance to?  Chris Evans?!?  Or will they stick with Nick Grimshaw, who’s been given the remit of attracting a younger audience to the show (aka the online generation with playlists on Spotify and iTunes that they particularly like to listen to…?).  Ideas below please, what will you be listening to?


No more McFly Day, no more parodies, no more cheesy songs, no more Monday Night Pub Quiz, no more golden hour and I’m not sure Christmas 2012 will be the same without the annual fix of Dominic the Donkey. Perhaps the only good things is that I may be able to judge the time of the morning from on-time news bulletins from now on – and maybe make my early train.


If I had to pick one moment, my outstanding memory is the radio marathon show for Comic Relief.  An absolute epic, raising well over £2m for charity and producing some must see red button TV.   I’m sure that even after 52 hours he didn’t want to get off air.  And that’s what will make Friday’s show tough.  Fearne Cotton will have the onerous task of shutting him off our airwaves indefinitely.  Good, some may say.  For me, I need him (in fact the TEAM) back on air.  I’m following on twitter @chrismoylesshow (he cleverly kept his own feed when the BBC started to push @BBCR1), liking on Facebook, and I’m waiting with baited breath for some announcement…


I’m sure he’ll be great in Jesus Christ Superstar, but Chris & Co need to get back to doing what they are brilliant at: entertaining a waking nation.  Whatever station, I don’t care.  Please!!  


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Refresh PR and Acorn hop across Manchester to MediaCity:UK

Acorn Treatment and Refresh PR visited MediaCity:UK earlier today to go live on air with Andy Crane at BBC Radio Manchester (follow from 1hr 18.49) Acorn gets ready for the interview - Refresh PR Manchester


The reason?  As Russell Brand was making national headlines for his appearance in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee, where he expressed his opinions on treatments for those with drug and alcohol addictions, Acorn was there to talk about the solutions that those living in Manchester have at their disposal.


Acorn Treatment works across Greater Manchester, with centres in Oldham, Bury, Rochdale, Stockport and Tameside to name but a few.  From introducing its clients to its RAMP programme, it works with those with drug and alcohol addiction to help them achieve abstinence.  Acorn also works with its clients’ families to ensure everyone involved receives the support they need, and even helps its clients to integrate back into the community by helping them to secure long-term employment opportunities.

 The Acorn Team at Media City UK - Refresh PR Manchester


Represented by Billy and Daran, the Acorn team chatted with presenter Andy Crane and told him about the Acorn Treatment programme.  They described how they welcomed the media attention that Russell Brand has brought to the issue of treatment programmes and supported his view that abstinence-based programmes are indeed effective.  Daran, who also appeared in the Manchester Evening News a few months ago, turned his back on drugs and now works for Acorn, the charity which helped him through his recovery.  He told an audience of up to 3.5 million drive time listeners how the abstinence-based approach has worked for him and encouraged anyone in Greater Manchester to call Acorn for help and advice. 

 Laura with Acorn at Media City UK - Refresh PR Manchester

Acorn Treatment can be found online at and on 0161 484 0000.



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Chris Moyles and ‘Radio 1s Longest Show Ever’ Rocks!

Chris Moyles certainly polarises opinion. Personally, I love him for his honest, straight talking approach to life, but I found out during a meeting today that others are definitely not so keen.  Love him or loathe him, you can’t deny the contribution he’s made to charity over the past few years, using his celeb status to amazing effect and raising massive amounts of money for Comic Relief.  The past week has continued this trend with the DJ attempting to break a world record with 'Radio 1s Longest Show Ever’.


Particularly interesting for us PRs is the media campaign that the Comic Relief and BBC teams have executed with the DJ over the past couple of days alone.  Spanning TV (ITV1’s This Morning did a live link up on day 2), the red button (genius), radio (obviously), the homepage and social media, the campaign didn’t stop there.  In my daily scan of the newspapers I found myself engrossed in a Daily Mirror interview with Moyles which ran the day the show started and provided the paper with a relevant angle - his love life - on which to bring in details of the charity show.


Throughout the day today, ‘Radio 1s Longest Show Ever’ has been grabbing the headlines.  On Fearne Cotton’s morning show the charity show was trending on twitter worldwide – that’s a fair achievement.  It’s been trending top of the UK list all day too.  #r1moremoyles is the hashtag to be associated with, moving so fast up tweetdeck it’s hard to read all the messages of support.


How a radio show hasn’t broadcast like this using the red button before is a wonder – it’s addictive viewing on a par with the first time we all tuned in to a brand new show called Big Brother.  Could this be the start of a new direction for radio (perhaps opening the door for the lovely Product Placement logo to appear on the red button soon too!)?  We think so – how can the BBC can go back to simple audio content for The Chris Moyles Show from now on?  What I’m more happy about is that DJ Chris seems to have found his TV niche too – for some reason his TV attempts so far, including the Chris Moyles Quiz Night, haven’t quite hit the spot even though all his fans (including me) were willing him on.  But this certainly has – more please!


To top it all off, Chris and Comedy Dave are aiming to break a world record, putting them and Comic Relief in the record books for years to come to leave a legacy and provide longevity to the campaign too.  All in all, a PR’s dream.  Oh, and did I mention they have raised £700k so far for Comic Relief too?  Congratulations to everyone involved, and all the best for the coming hours – we’ve donated (just text CHRIS to 70011) and we hope many more people will too.





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