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Pinterest’s got my interest

According to a recent survey by Active Network, nearly half of social media users have taken some type of action offline (such as purchasing an item or attending an event) because they’ve interacted with a social networking site. The survey found that Facebook drives the most offline actions; a whopping 87% said that they had taken some form of action having had an interaction via Facebook.


Across the five social networks studied – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter - what was interesting for me to read was that it was Pinterest that provoked the second most number of offline actions.


I started my Pinterest account last year, using it at Christmas to inspire ideas for the Christmas table decorations, and creating several boards linked to work. However last Saturday I discovered a whole host of funky gadgets on there, and in the space of about 30 minutes I amassed a board full of ideas for the Refresh PR office of the future. Giant grass, a very cool fridge and an aquarium coffee table are on the list.


But it’s this gadget – the iPhone projector - that has, in the space of 24 hours, been repined 60+ times and liked 30+ times. It’s not a particularly new gadget, in fact it’s been out a while. For this reason I hope the company’s PR agency is thanking me for the 100+ interactions I’ve generated for them over Pinterest. The audience is certainly out there on this social media platform; it’s an audience that welcomes new ideas and new information.


So which companies should be looking at using Pinterest in a PR campaign?


If you have a new product that has a real point of difference – and it’s easy to visualise – get working at Pinterest. From my experience, to promote the launch of a product for the home – a new living room accessory, kitchen appliance or simply a new range of wallpaper or bed linen – Pinterest is one social media channel that I’d recommend considering. This goes for gadgets such as household speaker systems and clever furniture ideas such as space saving shelves. In fact, pick up a copy of Ideal Home magazine, read the product pages and that’s what I’m expecting to see even more of on Pinterest going forward.


I’d also expect to see more food and drink images on Pinterest soon, as budding chefs pin their carefully crafted creations to inspire the nation. In fact, to build up a portfolio of images while experimenting with recipes and meals is a great vehicle to promoting their own abilities.


After all, if an iPhone projector that’s been out for 12+ months can create 100 interactions in 24 hours, think how word could spread for you – whatever your reason for pinning an image.


And now to apply it to our clients and generate the same response – it’s on next week’s to do list already. If you want to follow what I’m doing, here are my boards 



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