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The great big gaping gender pay canyon

If you haven’t seen pictures of Chris Evans and Gary Lineker splashed all over the front pages, social media, news websites and probably your WhatsApp this week, where the hell have you been hiding?

If you didn’t know, the country is currently in uproar as to the huge fluctuation in wages being paid to male and female stars of the BBC, after the corporation published the figures to the masses.

The numbers show that men who work for the BBC are being paid wages significantly higher than their female counterparts. Evans, Lineker and fellow presenter Graham Norton, the three highest paid males at the Corp, earn an average of £1.6m a year – EACH. In comparison, the three highest paid females – Claudia Winkleman, Alex Jones and Fiona Bruce – earn an average of £400,000 a year each. That’s a great, big, whopping, £1.2m difference in pay.

Back in May 2016, when it was announced the salaries of the BBC’s top earners would eventually be released, information from Companies House was uncovered by national journalists who challenged the BBC on the numbers. They hinted at this most recent outcome, but the BBC refuted it, saying the information was misleading.

But now, 14 months down the line, the prophecy has been proven.

And I’m shocked. Not at the wages (I saw it coming), not that the country is upset (I saw it coming), but that this is even still a THING. Perhaps it’s because I work for a PR agency that would never dream of paying members of staff differently based on their gender. But, regardless, I simply fail to understand how it could ever be justified in any organisation – least of all one paid for by the public.

Yes, a lot of organisations still have a long way to go in getting the pay split right, but the BBC should be the one setting the standard, telling people this draconian practice is unfair and unjustified. Unfortunately, in this instance, it has taken its duty to be a fair representation of the nation a little too seriously.

By the way, if it were the other way round, I’d be saying the exact same thing but in favour of the fellas. Inequality really grates on me, and to find out the shows I’ve been watching, headed up by dynamic male/female duos are rewarding said couples differently, leaves a bitter taste.

Given that just five days ago, the first ever female Doctor Who was announced, I wonder whether the BBC will be heading forward paying Jodie Whittaker less than they did Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, David Tenant, Christopher Eccleston… 

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