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Goodbye 2016, hello 2017




Well, what a year that was. Many people will be glad to see the back of 2016 and will be looking forward to the challenges and possibilities of 2017.


But for Refresh PR, 2016 has been one of our strongest years yet. From client wins and new appointments to award wins and campaign success, it has been a busy but a hugely rewarding 12 months for the team.


We will be working hard to mirror this success in 2017, with a focus on creating the strongest team possible and continuing to deliver award-winning campaigns. Emma McCallum joined us in May 2016 as associate director and Caroline Gibson was appointed shortly after as consumer account director, bringing with them a wealth of experience, which will support our existing clients and spearhead our future growth strategy.


2016 also saw Sarah Mashiter join the team as HR and operations director, utilising her experience to improve operational processes, implement stronger training programmes and launch the Refresh Academy to provide the highest level of training to our team. 


2016 was an interesting year for the PR industry; with consumer demands and technological advances developing at a faster rate than ever, it is becoming a more challenging, but undoubtedly more exciting industry.  We reflect on 2016’s changes, and our 2017 predictions in previous blogs, but only time will tell what this year holds for the PR industry and Refresh PR – watch this space! 







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2017 – What’s in-store for the PR industry?

So as 2016 sped past us in a whirl of elections, weather warnings and Kardashian scandal (just me?), we’ve finally reached a new year and with that brings new technology, trends and challenges. We’ve already reflected on how the 2016 predictions came to light, so now it is our turn to look into our crystal ball and foresee what is to come in 2017:


Media Expansion

For years we’ve been told magazines and newspapers are dying, but despite the amount of publications on the shelves decreasing, I don’t think it’s a dying industry – simply changing and evolving. We’ve already heard about Chat and Marie Claire moving into TV production – a brave move, but one that demonstrates their commitment to adapting to consumer trends.

As PRs it is essential that we align ourselves with this media expansion – whether it’s using video messages over a press release or tailoring our content to meet their changing platforms – 2017 will see us working with journalists in new and exciting ways to meet their needs.



A buzz word for 2016, that isn’t going anywhere in 2017. Yes your mum and dad don’t know who they are, your client might not either – but consumers do and they care about their opinions.

With budgets getting smaller and expectations and competition increasing, micro-influencers are an effective way to engage with your audience. Bloggers have become celebrities in their own right, as explored in our previous blog, and now demand the same fee as the famous folk we’d listen to on the radio or watch on TV. Whereas micro-influencers are respected, but attainable and most importantly engaging.

However, in 2017 we will see marketing professionals explore different ways of working with these micro-influencers to get maximum impact.


Standing for Something

With so many new brands coming to market, consumers now have more choice than ever before – meaning brands need something to differentiate themselves. So, in 2017 I think we will see more brands choosing to stand for something more than just their product or service offering. Research has shown that customers are looking to support brands that feel part of their community, so for national companies they must look at their operations and marketing to find how they can immerse themselves in the local area, to have this consumer appeal.


The Death of B2B

OK, so not quite – I exaggerated for a good headline – but we will see more brands begin to treat their B2B target audience as the everyday consumer they actually are. With trade titles no longer appealing to the full spectrum of professionals, especially in areas such as construction, we must look at ways of communicating a business message, in an engaging, fun way that appeals to the target audience, and beyond.

Our Food Porn Awards for STM Photography is a great example of this, already in its second year, and seeing more success than ever before, we’ve created a campaign that communicates with the hospitality industry, while still being of interest to the everyday consumer – meaning we have more avenues for press coverage, and we expect to see more B2B campaigns adopting this approach in 2017.





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