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Otone Audio Press Trip

Anna Wharton:


Last week I went to London and Bournemouth on a 2 day press trip with our client Otone Audio. We visitedOtone Audio some of the UK’s top tech and gaming magazines to show them Otone Audio’s fantastic new range of desktop speaker systems.



The systems are easy to get excited about - they are stylish and sleek in design and for their price bracket, they are a market leader for sound quality and price too. With such good products to show off, we were feeling very excited about the press trip!


There seemed to be plenty of interest in Otone Audio – I managed to secure appointments with some very influential journalists at some of the UK’s top tech and gaming magazines after briefing them on Otone Audio. This includes Stuff Mag, T3 Mag, What Hi-Fi Mag, XBox 360 Mag and also Mixmag.


Gareth Thomas, product manager at Otone Audio, joined me on the press trip. Gareth has worked in the home audio industry for seven years, so he has bags of experience and only works with quality. He has spent the last couple of months working closely with Otone Audio’s development team to make sure the performance of these systems would knock the socks off the journalists we were visiting!

 What HiFi

The first stop was Haymarket Publishing in Teddington. We met two of the UK’s top techy titles – Stuff mag and What Hi Fi mag. Stuff wanted to review Afieno, a 2.0 system, and What Hi-Fi want to cover the impressive Stilo 5.1 surround sound system. They were clearly impressed. This month both of these systems will be put through intense sound quality tests in Haymarket’s specialist, hi-tech audio testing room which cost a whopping £1m to design!


Our next stop was Bournemouth to visit two top gaming titles at Imagine Publishing – Xbox 360 Mag and 360 Mag. Here we set up Stilo 5.1 surround sound in the special games testing room - a glass box in the office with a big leather sofa facing a huge wide screen TV. We hooked up the games console to Stilo 5.1, put Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on and turned the lights down and cranked the volume right up, all fully immersing ourselves in a virtual war zone! Judging by the crowd of journalists that gathered outside the meeting room to see what was going on, I think Otone Audio made quite an impression!



Next we headed to Mixmag, which was a very creative feeling office in Angel. House music was pumping, and there were piles of magazines and CDs all around. The walls were a colourful collage of posters and images of international DJs. We gave their online editor an Otone Audio demo and presentation in the corner of their office, and he was pretty blown away with the sound quality. He quickly requested a sample of Stilo 2.1 Pro to review, and spoke excitedly about the style and functionality of this system. I am pretty sure he will be writing some very nice things about Otone Audio in his review!


All in all it was a very positive press trip, and as we hoped, Otone Audio’s systems got a truly fantastic response. We can’t wait to see the reviews go live in the magazines come February!





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