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More recent media gaffes that demonstrate the importance of media training…

Anyone remember the cringey video clip of Sainsbury’s chief executive, Mike Coupe, singing “We’re in the money”, thinking he was off camera ahead of a media interview with ITV around the supermarket giant’s merger with Asda? How could we forget? Last month’s fiasco was just the latest in a string of media gaffes to hit the press.

The internet never sleeps, and with social media use increasing daily, there’s no place to hide for public figures and big businesses. Knowing how to deal with the media is becoming more and more important, which is why we recommend that all of our clients that have regular dealings with the public or media, or work in high risk industries and sectors, invest in media training.

Media training can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking, it may be the last thing you fancy doing with your day, but it’s always useful. For those considering media training but don’t know what to expect, here are some things to prepare for:  

·     Good media training courses tend to span a full day, so ensure you allocate this time in your calendar in order to make the most of it. Media training should be treated like any other business engagement and be prioritised like one too. Teams should be bought into it and fully understand the value it delivers. And don’t let people chicken out at the last minute – it’s important!

·    Media training classes can be public or private, but we recommend taking a private session so you can fully be yourself and use the day as a team building exercise, too. The number of people permitted to attend sessions is flexible but we find media training works best in groups of two to eight, so everybody within the group receives enough individual attention.

·    Expect a mix of theoretical and practical elements throughout the day. Media training sessions are designed to bring you up to speed on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the media, so expect everything to be covered. Training days usually begin with the theoretical application of media training, giving participants examples of real life blunders and asking what they think was wrong in each scenario, before the practical element begins. The theory side of things will also look at different media channels and why it’s important to have a different communication strategy for each of them.

·    Be prepared to be put through your paces during the practical session. Depending on who you book your media training with, you might actually be in a real-life setting, such as a TV or radio studio. If there isn’t access to this type of equipment, the scene will be staged to feel as real as possible. Expect to have cameras flashing in front of you, microphones being pushed in your face, and questions fired at you, based on made up (but oh so real feeling) crisis situations. This can be daunting but they always say you learn best from being thrown in at the deep end!

If you’re interested in hearing how media training could be beneficial in preparing your business for a difficult situation, or even to just make your team more comfortable speaking to the media on a day-by-day basis, speak to our managing director, Laura Mashiter on or call 0161 871 1188.  

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