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Jaffa Cakes are MP’s favourite biscuits. Here’s what they’re missing out on

A report in the Daily Mail reveals that Jaffa Cakes are the favourite snack for our MPs and their staff. They love the chocolaty treat so much they’ve spent £13,000 of their own money on them in the last five years.

Other biscuits to make the top ten were Crawford’s mini packs of bourbons and custard creams. Oreos also made the top ten. In five years MPs have parted with £112,698 to satisfy their craving for a biccie.

But what’s even more alarming are the biscuits that haven’t made the top ten. Our members of parliament are missing out on some seriously delicious biscuits it seems.

Where were the Hob-Nobs? As we all know, these are the ultimate biscuit for dunking in a cup of tea.

How could they not put a crunch cream (especially a ginger crunch cream) on the list? Or the naughtiest and most calorific biscuit of all (in my opinion) a chocolate and caramel digestive?

The absence of party rings is almost comforting - it’s good to know our parliament enjoys a slightly more mature biscuit, although we like the idea of the cabinet chewing over the economy with a pink iced biscuit in hand.

Here at Refresh we’re very fond of biscuits. The appearance of this news story promoted quite a debate over what biscuits better the MP’s choices (Kimberley strongly advocated that a Fox’s biscuit of any variety is the best in British biscuit).

What’s your favourite biscuit and what would you like to see those in power munching on?

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