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Dementia care is changing… for the better



When you think of care homes for dementia patients, what springs to mind? You would be forgiven for describing a clinical environment; white walls, pale blue sturdy carpets, easy-clean surfaces and a lack of anything remotely familiar or comforting.

Even a small amount of research into the topic will show dementia patients, perhaps more so than those suffering from other mental health conditions, need to live in environments that remind them of home, which in turn helps to trigger memories, providing comfort and enabling care staff to maintain the patients’ wellbeing with ease.

Last week I attended the Design in Mental Health Event held at the National Conference Centre in Solihull, with our client SpaceZero. The exhibition was filled with companies demonstrating everything from innovative technology to ensure residents are engaged in brain-stimulating activities, to furniture that’s designed in such a clever way that it provides a sense of comfort to residents who’ve had to move to unfamiliar surroundings. It was amazing to see the initiatives being developed to make life easier both for dementia patients and their carers.

During the event, SpaceZero’s healthcare expert Kristina Mann delivered an insightful presentation that demonstrated just how much of an attack on the senses dementia can be. She transformed a basic seminar room into a chaotic, disorientating environment through the use of lighting, sound and visual equipment. It provided just a small indication of how dementia takes over a person’s life.

The presentation delved into SpaceZero’s expertise in the dementia arena; how the use of colour is integral to the safety of patients, how small touches remind those with drastic memory loss of happier times, and how adept signage can reduce challenges such as incontinence levels. As the UK’s first interior architectural practice to produce Stirling Gold–ready designs in BIM Level 2 – a set of robust design standards for care organisations that aspire to provide the best in class for dementia sufferers – there is certainly no better organisation prepared to explain how crucial design is to the long-term wellbeing of dementia sufferers.

Instigating a range of insightful questions from the audience, it was clear Kristina’s presentation had impressed. I, for one, had been captivated.

When dementia is taking up so much of the news agenda (‘Allergy medications increase risk of dementia’; ‘Over 50s are more scared of dementia than cancer’; ‘High blood pressure raises risk of dementia’), and our awareness of the impact it could have on each of our lives is increasing, it’s somewhat comforting to see experts like SpaceZero working relentlessly to ensure that, should it happen to us, the homes we’ll move into cater for our needs, are comfortable, familiar and are – most importantly – safe.




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