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American children can finally have a surprise, Kinder style

After a 70 year ban in the USA, a Kinder surprise style chocolate has been launched in America.


Although the British style Kinder is still banned, a new product has managed to sidestep a ban that was imposed in 1938. The ban stopped the selling of any food product containing inedible toys.


New Jersey confectioner, Kevin Gass, got around the problem by creating a thick plastic ridge that breaks and more clearly defines the difference between the two chocolate halves and the toy. This ridge has satisfied American regulators, who are happy that a sufficient warning has been given to parents and children.


As a further safety precaution, the toys are also chunkier than their counterparts across the world.


It is however still illegal to import Kinder Surprises into the US, and those caught with one at customs can face large fines.


I’m glad US children can finally enjoy a Kinder egg. I’ve spent many a shopping trip harassing my Mum into buying me one (not recently of course, I’m 22, if I want a Kinder, I can just get one – yay).


It seems America will be overjoyed at the launch of Candy Treasure. Petitions, both physical and online, have campaigned for the return of Kinder to the shelves of America, and have managed to gather over 3,000 signatures. The petition signs off with “Help us bring joy to millions of children in America.”


Candy Treasure will no doubt be a massive success. What child doesn’t love something that combines toys and chocolate?

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