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Ready, Set, Pokemon Go!

Last week saw another social media trend break the internet, and this time it wasn’t Kim Kardashian. It was in fact the latest mobile gaming app set to take the world by storm – introducing… Pokémon Go! With struggling gaming group Nintendo holding a minority share, its launch is being hailed as the brand’s rebirth and it’s no wonder…

By the end of the game’s first weekend in the US, it had already racked up approximately 7.5 million downloads; only two days later this number had more than doubled to 15 million and this was before it even reached the UK. By Thursday of last week though, it had arrived fascinating even the less gaming savvy among us.

The idea behind the game is simple; catch as many Pokémon as you can using a game based on augmented reality. As a result, the concept has really made augmented reality just that: a reality for everyone, as Marketing Week reported recently.

I think this is the unique selling point of this game; it allows us to blur the lines between the Pokémon world and the world we live in. The Pokémon are hidden in the garden, on the street even in offices around the UK - a rather exciting concept. The aim of the game is obvious – ‘you gotta catch em’ all’.

This game has been so popular in the US that it has now overtaken Twitter as the most used app with users spending an average of 33 minutes a day catching Pokémon. Based on the response so far it is likely to do the same in the UK too, particularly as it launched just in time for the school holidays.

Like all social phenomena that appear quickly on our screens, it comes with an army of sceptics. Concerns have been raised asking whether it will lead children into unknown and unsafe areas or result in mobile phone theft as more people go out hunting for Pokémon. Only this week in Manchester, a 15 year old boy was arrested after stealing the phones of two student out playing the game.

However, it’s safe to say that Pokémon Go has started the largest gaming trend in history, and I for one am pretty impressed with the use of augmented reality, bringing to life a popular 90’s kids TV show that has captured the minds of adults and children alike. What’s more, it adds a real sense of hilarity to what was once a mundane walk home from work.

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Beyonce, Jay Z, Britney and Kim Kardashian’s finances leaked online. But it isn’t just the A-list in danger

Celebrities including Jay-Z, Beyonce and Britney Spears have had their financial information leaked online by a group of hackers - but it isn’t just the rich and famous that need to be wary.


A number of celebrities woke up to the news that financial details including mortgage payments and earnings had been posted on a website created by fraudsters.


The details posted online also include highly sensitive information such as social security numbers, which can be used in fraudulent activity.


Other victims include US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Kim Kardashian. Unflattering pictures and anti-police posts make up the rest of the site.


The website which posted the details uses a suffix linked to the Soviet Union and contains posts in Russian.

In less exciting circumstances this week, my bank account was hacked too.


The bank called on Monday to check I hadn’t tried to withdraw money in the Republic of Korea (I hadn’t). Thankfully, the bank had declined the transaction and I didn’t lose any money.


Admittedly my own financial information is quite dull compared to mega-stars like Beyonce (she has multi-million dollar endorsement deals, my statements include £2.99 for a Boots meal deal).


However, both examples show that anybody can be targeted by a financial hacker, and that perhaps we should be more aware of how we bank online and how financial data is insured.


Oh, and if anyone does fancy making my bank statements more interesting, I can be booked to front advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost of the average star (Beyonce is reportedly raking in $50 million from Pepsi). I’ll happily do it for a bag of chips and a quick trip to Topman.


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