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Christmas adverts: why are they so popular?

The much anticipated arrival of the John Lewis advert seemed to divide the nation, and definitely caused a stir on social media. Some viewers fell in love with the friendship between Moz the monster and the little boy, while others were of a different opinion and took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their disappointment. One member of the public even went so far as to tweet, Worst #johnlewischristmasadvert I've ever seen.”

As we settle down to watch TV on these cold, dark and dismal nights, whatever time it may be, we are now bombarded with a variety of Christmas adverts. From supermarkets to department stores, as soon as November arrives, there is no escaping these overly sentimental ads.

Every year without fail, the adverts receive a huge amount of online recognition. From trending hashtags to articles, we are constantly reminded of the different adverts we should be looking out for. The M&S ad even made national broadcast news, simply due to some poor enunciation (I still believe he wasn’t saying ‘thank you little bear’). It really is amazing how much publicity these adverts receive and how they completely dominate social media for two months of the year.

Some people are now beginning to argue whether or not the huge power that these Christmas adverts have is getting a bit extreme. John Lewis spent £7 million on its latest advert and it seems it is turning into a competition between brands as to how much can be spent each year, with a variety of articles now being written comparing the latest ads and their budgets. One thing is for sure, the PR value achieved outweighs the initial ad spend.

However, it is indisputable that these Christmas adverts show how integral social media can be for a company’s marketing, showing how even the most popular companies rely on social media to be successful. Are you applying the same practice to your business?

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Tedious links: Celebrity marketing campaigns - Refresh PR counts down the most cringe-worthy

Michael McIntyre being announced as the third judge on Britain’s Got Talent this morning got the team at the Manchester Refresh PR office thinking about other random celebrity associations with big brands. There have been some real crackers, some fantastically memorable ones, and some we’d rather forget. As, I’m sure, would the celeb involved. Join us as we count down our most cringe-worthy:

·         Jason Donovan - Iceland

I’ve got nothing against drag - I love a good bit of camp cabaret. And I’ve certainly got nothing against food. But when Jason Donovan dons fishnets and full make-up to promote frozen food it’s enough to put anyone off their vaulovants. And the songs aren’t catchy, they’re just annoying.

 ·         Jedward - Nintendo DS

Jedward. Need we say more?

·         Tim Lovejoy - Giovanni Rana. Pure cheese

This ruined Tim Lovejoy for me. I used to harbour a little crush on the Chelsea-loving southerner, but his lack of acting skill has firmly extinguished that flame. I still feel a little outraged that he was used as lazy shorthand for a typical "bloke", and as if he’d be able to seduce his sexy Italian neighbour by asking for help making easy-cook pasta. Any self-respecting Italian lady would be straight out the door. Stick to ‘Something for the Weekend,’ kid.

·         Barbara Windsor – Jackpotjoy

Come on, Babs is a legend – don’t reduce her to a pantomime Queen having to reel out the astoundingly unoriginal line "Come on boys, show us yer ball.” She deserves better than that. Shame on you.

·         Spice Girls - Walkers’ Crisps

Not really sure what the connection is here. Eating Walkers’ crisps gives you girl power? I know, I know, it’s two great British institutions joining forces, but you can’t tell me a crisp has passed the lips of Posh Spice since 1996. False advertising if you ask me.

·         Jamie and Louise Redknapp – Thomas Cook

Isn’t it enough that their domestic bliss trumps ours without even trying? Now they have to have the perfect holiday as well, when we’re stuck in chav hell with no aircon after having believed the brochure that told us it was a ‘lively, sophisticated resort – ideal for couples looking for the perfect getaway.’

·         Justin Timberlake – McDonalds

No, I’m not having it. There’s no way Justin Timberlake loves McDonalds so much that he wrote a song about it.

·         Shane Warne – AHS-FP (hair loss remedy)

Shane Warne’s appeal comes from him being a real ‘lad,’ and this partnership is so off message for the Shane Warne brand. He needs to be promoting beer (and that’s VB, not Peroni), not positioning himself (however temporarily) as a metrosexual gent concerned with such matters as hair loss.

And finally, to show we’re not all bah humbug, two brilliant ones:

·         M&S – various

M&S gets its celeb partnerships on the money every time. The current Christmas ad with Peter Kay is genius, and has our favourite aspirational yet approachable female celebs rocking out in their PJs and partygear. Add an iconic – but always classy - soundtrack, and you’re away.

·         John Lewis

More of a celeb soundtrack partnership than an in-person one, the songs carefully chosen by John Lewis’ ad team for its TV ads consistently have the nation close to tears. The clever cover versions by up and coming British artists reinforce the retailer’s image of an intelligent, thoughtful and elegant British stalwart. They don’t do the original songwriters’ album sales any harm, either!



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