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Fancy earning £140k a year? Make the move to India and this could be you!

Refresh PR’s Manchester team attended a fantastic event at our client Photolink Creative Group’s studios last week, and we learnt so much that we thought we’d share some of the juiciest morsels with you, in case you’re considering expanding your offering into India. Or if you’re a creative director over here and fancy doubling your income.


Tip 1: Be prepared to get back to basics

When Photolink arrived in India in 2007 to shoot a catalogue for one of the UK’s leading retailers, which became the first home shopping catalogue in India’s history, it needed to transform a 14,000 square foot warehouse in the centre of a slum into a state-of-the-art studio. Undeterred by this colossal challenge, it recruited a team of local men, which had the entire place ready in two days – without the use of ANYTHING electrical. Indian people are hugely resourceful; if they need a ladder, they simply build one out of any wood they can get their hands on, and scaffolding is made out of the remarkably strong, and abundant, bamboo.


Tip 2: Pick up the pace

Everything happens at super speed in India, as illustrated by the rapidity at which the studio mentioned above was constructed. Photolink’s MD, Jayne Riley, who has made over 30 trips to India in the last four years, loves getting caught up in the frenetic whirlwind, and finds the UK creative industry slow by comparison.


Tip 3: Go to parties

Never to decline an invitation – lots of business is done at parties, over dinner, and at sporting events, and Indian people are never happier than when they’re finding out how they can help you and who they can introduce you to, to help you achieve your business goals.


Tip 4: Remember that ‘yes’ doesn’t always mean, well, yes

Indian people are generally very proud and hate losing face by having to tell you that they’re not able to deliver for you. Learn that ‘yes’ has many, many inflections and you’ll be fine!


Tip 5: Give gifts

People love to give gifts in India. It’s a great way to break the ice at a business meeting, and it doesn’t need to be anything grand or expensive – the old adage “it’s the thought that counts” applies in Asia too.


Tip 6: Appeal to the youth market

23 is the average age in India, and the money sits with the youth - meaning that they hold all the power. There are hundreds of shopping malls currently being built all over India in illustration of this, so make sure that whatever your proposition or business model, it will appeal to this influential market. Cheesy Bollywood-style adverts are a thing of the past, and you’ll need to get clever with innuendo if you want to catch this audience’s attention.


Tip 7: Save your pennies

You might be surprised to learn that property in Mumbai is more expensive than in Paris and New York, so start saving now.


Tip 8: Deliver on time

Most of the big advertising agencies already have successful outfits in India, and smaller design shops are also thriving. The secret to their success isn’t that they’re necessarily doing anything spectacular, they’re just delivering on time. The prospect of moving continents becomes even more attractive when you learn that creative directors earn an average of £140,000 a year. Not bad!


Tip 9: Check out the employment regulations

There aren’t currently any employment regulations that would prevent a company from moving talent back and forth between India and the UK to meet demand, but this could well change, so it’s worth keeping abreast of developments in this area.


Tip 10: Put back into the community

To cement a company firmly in the hearts of the Indian people, it’s crucial to give back to the community. Take a leaf out of Photolink’s book and sponsor or fund a cricket team, or find a charity such as Youth Reach in Delhi to work with and deliver something that makes a real difference.



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