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Last week saw the Refresh PR team host the launch of beauty client Arbonne’s new RE9 for Men range with a traditional English Gentleman’s Day at Sharps Barbers in Soho, London. The vegan friendly and botanically based men’s grooming collection was introduced to the UK media with a day of pampering.


Journalists were invited to find about more about Arbonne’s latest RE9 for Men collection which includes must-have shaving and skincare products. In order to launch this exclusive men’s range and tie in with St. Georges Day on 23rd April, Refresh PR planned a sophisticated day for the English gent, with a choice of treatments including a straight razor shave, haircut or beard and moustache trim.


The event was the perfect opportunity to talk journalists through each of the products in the Arbonne RE9 for Men range, giving Refresh PR and Arbonne valuable time with the media, something that is often a luxury due to busy schedules.


Journalists from the likes of GQ, Men’s Health, the Daily Mail, Runners World and the Gentleman’s Journal were all in attendance and the day got off to a busy start. Refresh PR took control of ensuring all journalists were welcomed into the event, seated with a barber and introduced to Dr. Xavier Goodarzian, an Arbonne Independent Consultant who specialises in skincare and cosmetics. Dr Xavier told each journalist about the benefits of this new range, including the ingredients and clinical trial results behind the products. Dr Xavier also talked to the journalists about the SPF in skincare products, explaining how the protection can vary from that stated on packaging – something the journalists were keen to hear more about.


The event worked particularly well as it allowed Arbonne the chance to present the range individually to each journalist whilst having their undivided attention. It also allowed Refresh PR to talk to each journalist and suggest where each of the products would fit best within each publication.


After an exciting day of 16 haircuts, eight traditional straight razor shaves, five beard trims and over 50 teas and coffees the team could finally exhale. The day was a huge success, with all journalists delighted with their treatment, positive feedback on the new range and some exciting coverage opportunities in the pipeline.


A notable mention has to go to Tom Atkinson at The Express, who took the plunge and chopped off his long hair and beard, giving him a dramatic transformation and glowing complexion, thanks to the fantastic team at Sharps and Arbonne.


Refresh PR had huge success on its social media, documenting the days’ activities with a special acknowledgement from the team at OK!


A great time was had launching the new collection with Arbonne and the team can’t wait for more exciting launches later in the year. Stay tuned with all the latest exciting events on Twitter at @RefreshPR or on Instagram @RefreshPR.


Tom Atkinson from The Express




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