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Gary Neville is a red no more - he's a greenie

As reported in the MEN today, Gary Neville has scrapped his plans to power his £8 million ‘Teletubby’ home in the Lancashire countryside with a giant wind turbine. Despite getting approval from the council for the turbine; at 127 foot, neighbours protested that it would become an eyesore. Neville had initially wanted to create the ‘greenest’ house in Britain, and by installing the wind turbine, it would have allowed the property to be completely carbon neutral.


Not wanting to upset his neighbours, Neville has now revoked his plans for the turbine and is now opting for a different ‘eco-system’ to power his green bunker. This ‘eco-system’ will now include a ground source heat pump, sustainable rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic cells, which convert light directly into electricity.


As Refresh PR has clients such as Polypipe Home Solutions and Planitherm Glass which specialise in green products and technology, we appreciate the importance of the former Manchester United captain taking the initiative to make a difference to the environment. Living sustainably and becoming more environmentally aware is becoming a more important aspect of life, and with new government actions such as The Green Deal around the corner, ‘green’ issues are more topical than ever before.


It’s fantastic that Gary Neville is going green, and although the rest of us don’t have millions of pounds to spend on building our dream ‘eco home’; there are still hundreds of options available to those who want to make a difference. Be it installing underfloor heating or rainwater harvesting, which are part of the range by Polypipe Home Solutions to reduce energy and water bills or opting for the UK’s most energy efficient glass, Planitherm – all eco measures will make a difference.

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