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The awards you never knew we should’ve won…

Following our incredible double win at the recent CIPR North West awards – where we took home the gong for Best Small Consultancy and Best Corporate and Business Communications campaign – we celebrated as a team and got talking about the more unusual awards we might receive if our peers knew us behind closed doors.

And so began an alternative prize giving – an impromptu celebration of everything we share, day in day out, here at Refresh, and the things we know we do differently. Here’s a rundown of the awards you never knew we should’ve won:

Laura Mashiter – Managing Director

‘The Versatility Award’ – we are experts in being more than the traditional PR agency: we advise clients on SEO, we all watch our clients’ Google Analytics daily, we lead social media campaigns, and we can advise on AdWords. None of this would be deemed a PR person’s remit a couple of years ago. Now, we not only have to be great at the old PR job – creativity, sell ins, copywriting, setting up speaker opps, guiding clients through strategy and key messages, crisis management (and more), but we have a whole new set of skills which mean we’re great for marketing directors and managing directors alike to work with.

Erin Heywood – Account Director

‘The Talking Heads Award’ – like most bunches of young women who spend 9 hours a day, five days a week together, we love to chat, and can often be caught getting way too deep in conversations that people outside our agency would just find weird. But that’s because we’re an in-tune team that gels, and we learn great things out of the most surprising of topics. Plus, the more we chat about our industries and clients, the more likely we are to come up with new ideas, impress our clients and secure coverage with journalists.

Caroline Gibson – Account Director

‘The Chameleon Award’ – we love a challenge, and sometimes the most exciting challenge is taking on something we’ve never done before! From make-up to plumbing, we work across such a variety of areas within our four specialist sectors (construction, tech, lifestyle, food, drink & retail) we think we’re pretty well rounded. But actually, we still get new business leads in areas we’ve never covered before. When we get these through the door (or inbox!), we dedicate time to immersing ourselves in that area, whether it takes days, weeks or month, until we know it like the back of our hand. 

Aishleen Davies – Account Manager

‘The Golden Idea Award’ – Whether it’s plumbing or cosmetics, glazing or meat, Refresh PR comes up with ideas that are not just creative and push boundaries, but also helps clients hit their key business objectives. What’s even more exciting is that Refresh has BIG ideas in the pipeline that will help other businesses grow.

Rebecca Wallace – Account Executive

‘The Itchy Feet Award’ – As an agency, we’re always itching to do more and continually thinking of ways to improve. We let our imaginations run away with us while we create award winning campaigns, but our feet always remain firmly on the ground as we remain forward thinking, and take pride in knowing exactly what our clients need.

Emily Knight – Account Executive

‘The Friendly Faces Award’ – we’re a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals who love to have a laugh (and get the job done at the same time of course!). We are always happy to help one another and we work well together as a team. The Refresh team is always there to offer a helping hand and friendly face to colleagues and clients alike.

Sound like the agency for you? Get in touch today!

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Refresh PR is named Outstanding Small PR Agency 2017 by CIPR

Refresh is officially the North West’s Outstanding Small PR Agency 2017, according to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Crowned at the North West PRide Awards, the long established and most recognised awards in all PR professional’s calendars, Refresh was recognised for the steps that it has taken in the past year to listen to its clients in an ever changing business landscape, and adapt to the new requirements that customers demand from PR.

The best small PR agency in the North West

The CIPR judges said: “Recognising the need to evolve, Refresh PR has achieved great success across its business. From winning an impressive new line-up of clients to implementing sound business processes, the agency has delivered on what it said it would. It's commitment to CPD is evident, particularly its Refresh Academy initiative, while the quality of work is evidenced by the campaign they chose to highlight – a worthy Gold Award winner.”

Copywriting, press office, SEO, Google and more

The evolution at Refresh that the judges refer to is a direct response to understanding the needs and wants of clients, and the daily challenges that they face. From support with SEO, responding to Google Trends and the statistics on Google Analytics through to driving the strategic direction of PR, social media campaigns, managing PR in a crisis situation and organising roundtables – in addition to press office of course! – the role of the PR professional in 2018 is a very different one to years gone by. Clients need versatile agencies which can deliver informed and tangible campaigns driven by sound and unquestionable statistics and research – all backed with a creative that helps them to stand out from the crowd.


Best North West Business and Corporate Communications Campaign


Refresh PR, based in Manchester, also took home the award for the Best Business and Corporate Communications Campaign for its work in the food, drink and retail sector. The judges commented that: “Among several strong contenders in this category, it was a robust rationale, clear objectives and a well-informed strategy that helped Refresh PR win the award, not to mention tangible, measurable outcomes. Building on their success…the team applied what they learnt, combining it with some smart thinking to bring together current media and social media trends in the world of food.”

If you’d like to hear more about how Refresh PR’s consultants can help you, please get in touch via or 0161 871 1188.

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Triple triumph for Refresh PR at industry awards

Refresh PR has scooped three prestigious PR and marketing industry awards, including northern small agency of the year at the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) Northern Awards.

The CIM Awards, which are judged by a panel of leading industry experts, including several chartered marketers, were announced at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle to celebrate outstanding marketing campaigns and talent from across the North of England.

We also took the top prize in the CIM’s best northern region campaign category for our work on the Food Porn Awards. Launched to restaurants across the North West, our team delivered an all-encompassing communications campaign that swept the region and made a genuine business impact for our client, STM Photography.

On the same night, we also picked up silver for the Food Porn Awards in the corporate and business communications campaign category at the North West CIPR PRide Awards, which recognise the leading campaigns and agencies in the region.

Laura Mashiter, managing director at Refresh PR, said: “The CIM Northern Awards celebrate the best marketing talent across the north of England so to take home the award for best agency is testament to our talented team and the results that we deliver for our clients. Winning two awards in one night for our Food Porn Awards campaign cements our agency’s reputation for food and drink communications.”

Diane Earles, network manager for CIM, said: “Congratulations to Refresh PR, which won the Northern Region campaign and Small Agency of the Year categories.”

Paul Say, owner and director at Say-DE Consulting Ltd, who judged the Region Campaign category, said: “It was low cost, but had high impact tactics showing how a small budget can be well utilised with a big idea at the heart of the strategy.”

Charlie Nettle, chair of CIM North East, who judged the small agency category, said: “The strategic focus, implementation of company values and business processes alongside a commitment to training and development suggest this business is mature beyond its years from the perspective of business excellence.”




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Why video is vital for PR professionals


As the digital work carried out by PR professionals evolves, it’s no longer a case of simply using it to bolster our ‘traditional’ press office activity and campaigns. More and more, PR professionals are asking whether social media should be the crux of how we reach our audience.


Last week I attended the #PRCADigital event, where the statistics and insights shared came as no surprise. Increasingly clients’ budgets for digital activity is spent on boosting SEO, paid social media activity and creating video based content - with 62 per cent citing this as the main area of spending.


Like many of our clients, we recognise the importance of video based content and this creates a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with other creative businesses, echoing what we discussed in a recent blog post.


Video content has well and truly hit the mainstream. Facebook’s Live function is growing in popularity, highlighting the importance of such content to audiences by allowing users to live-stream videos, a maximum of 30 minute long, directly from their smartphones.


Other social networks are also making a big push on video with Twitter recently announcing it will be launching an app for live-streaming video on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft's Xbox One. This move again highlights how important it is to harness this type of content and create truly integrated campaigns.


As well as these developments by social networks, figures show people spend three times longer watching live video compared to a video that's pre-recorded, which is an important insight for content creators. It shows that it’s the creativity and message that users are responding to and therefore not every video has to be at a Hollywood level of production.


Everyone has the capability to create videos and with the quality of camera phones reaching new heights, consumers, brands and PR professionals can get filming!









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The business benefits of a community spirit

Over the past few weeks Richard Branson’s famous quote has, once again, been doing the rounds on LinkedIn: “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”


While we should all make every effort to grab the opportunities that are presented to us, in a creative industry like PR, utilising others’ strengths can be a real game changer – why not collaborate to benefit a campaign or project?


Based in the Northern Quarter, Manchester’s creative hub, Refresh PR is fortunate to benefit from an impressive array of talent on our doorstep. Indeed, the wider Greater Manchester region boasts the third highest number of creative businesses in the UK - pretty impressive..


For this very reason, our agency is a firm supporter of business collaboration: if a company can offer expertise that we don’t have, we’ll collaborate to create something special.


As a city we are great at collaborating. Let’s take it up a notch – lets support fellow Manchester businesses, nurture and grow top talent, and keep it in the City.


Manchester has invested £3.5billion building a global hub for creative industries. It’s the home of creative talent. We have numerous great organisations set up for the purpose of encouraging collaboration in the creative sector – the MPA, Creative Pioneers, and numerous collaborative workspaces to nurture those starting out in the city. The opportunities are endless. It’s up to us to jump in and get involved.


So, why are we so passionate about collaboration?


Well, quite simply, embracing a collaborative approach allows us to build a great network of contacts, while working with other fantastic businesses and talented people.


If a campaign needs a certain element that we don’t offer, we find the best partner in their field to work alongside us. Partnership and collaboration, done properly, is hugely effective.


We’re very proud of the companies we work with and the award-winning campaigns we have produced over the years.


In recent weeks we’ve been recognised by several prestigious industry bodies, from CIPR to the national B2B Marketing Awards, for integrated campaigns including the Heating Installer of the Year Awards and the Food Porn Awards. We’re also working on the Window with a View campaign for the Glass and Glazing Federation, bringing together several collaborating agencies.


While Refresh PR has spearheaded the delivery of these projects, the campaigns undoubtedly benefited from the additional clout and expertise of the talented partners we worked alongside.


We want to talk to like-minded businesses, so if you see us out and about or want to pop in for a coffee, our door is always open!


Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve more.





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My first month at Refresh PR

As is often the case when you start a new job, I’ve seen, done and learnt a lot in my first month at Refresh PR. To use an obvious cliché, it’s been a breath of fresh air!


The walk to work is always a highlight, with Refresh located in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter. But, perhaps more importantly, the work I’ve done and the experiences I’ve had since joining have been invaluable.


I’ve been entrusted with some big jobs, namely a national pitch for a newly launched awards and a trip to the NEC in Birmingham to represent a client at the Care and Dementia Show.


I make daily contact with journalists for a whole host of stories and have built some very close relationships with many editors and reporters (as a former journalist myself, it still feels quite surreal being on the other side!). The media coverage I have gained from these relationships has been very encouraging so far and I hope to continue this success in the coming months.


I have an equally strong working relationship with my clients – I have been involved in everything from feeding into new business proposals to discussing our upcoming Christmas nights out!


Internally, I’ve bedded in fantastically with the team and have a great group of colleagues. As the sole man in the office, they have kindly agreed to allocate me a man hour each week, which is testament to their commitment to equality in the workplace.


On a serious note, I have seen how hard everyone at Refresh works every day and how committed each of our team members is to their role. They recently reaped the rewards of their hard work when they won a Silver award for Best Event at the CIPR North West PRide Awards for the media trip Refresh PR ran for client OTONE Audio, a fellow Manchester-based company which manufactures and sells Bluetooth speakers, headphones, soundbars and computer speakers. A great night was had by all at the Midland Hotel – even if there were a few sore heads in the office the next day.


This all being well and good, what have I actually learnt from my time at Refresh so far? I would say mainly that it’s possible to have a solid work and social life balance. If you work hard, you earn the right to enjoy yourself. Another big thing I’ve learnt is that building relationships in this industry is paramount, whether it’s picking up the phone to a journalist or working alongside a client to generate some exciting new content.


Anyway, that’s all for now folks. Hopefully this was a ‘refreshing’ read (sorry). Look out for more blogs from me in future!




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Refresh PR wins at the CIPR PRide Awards 2015

Last Thursday night Refresh PR graced the stage at the CIPR’s North West PRide Awards, collecting a gong for Best PR Event 2015.

The judges recognised Refresh PR’s event which ran in conjunction with OTONE Audio, a fellow Manchester-based company which manufactures and sells Bluetooth speakers, headphones, soundbars and computer speakers.

Refresh PR wins CIPR award

So why did this event stand out? Otone briefed Refresh PR to conduct a media trip to launch its latest range of speakers. Knowing the media houses well, demonstrating the true power and sound quality of Otone’s speakers in an open plan office full of busy journalists was a big no-no. So, Refresh PR hired a branded stretch Hummer, filled it with drinks and party food, and took the journalists for a quick spin.

It meant Otone was able to really show off just why its products are superior – both in sound quality and price – to its (world-famous) competitors. In a confined space Otone could really ramp up the sound and show off!

‘rOadTONE’ was a huge success; media coverage came flooding in and it’s created good will which lives on nine months later.

From all this year’s entries, Refresh PR appeared twice in the shortlist of six agencies in the Best Event category, firstly for its Otone event and secondly for the Arbonne Manchester Drive-By. Refresh PR was also shortlisted for Outstanding Small Consultancy 2015.  












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September Success for Refresh PR

As all PR agencies will know, every month brings with it triumphs and challenges but for Refresh PR, September has been particularly triumphant. We couldn’t let October kick off without celebrating some of the team’s fantastic achievements, so without further ado, here are our nine PRoud moments (in no particular order of course – they’re all great):


1.       Breaking a Guinness World Record: back at the start of the month Hannah and I travelled to Birmingham to attend our client Arbonne’s annual team conference, AAC. Equipped with a glamorous line-up of Independent Consultants, Vice President and UK General Manager, Vicky and Chief Sales Officer, Heather, we attempted to break the  Guinness World Record for the most kisses in 30 seconds – previously set by comedian David Walliams (we like a challenge). After careful planning and a few morale boosting team talks, we were absolutely delighted to break the record. A very proud moment for the team to be involved in such a landmark occasion and a fantastic reaction from the 2,000 attendees of AAC

2.       A triple client win: we’re very excited to announce that we have won three new clients this month. New snacking brand, Chip Strips, interior architecture company, SpaceZero, and website have all retained the services of Refresh PR to execute high-impact campaigns. The team has worked hard to meet the brief for all clients and their tenacity has certainly paid off

3.       Grand nationals: we’ve secured a flurry of high profile national coverage this month across numerous client accounts. Shout outs to the Bras and Honey team for coverage in The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail and the Metro, the ClaireaBella team for the Telegraph and Daily Mail and the Continental UFH team for securing The Sunday Times. Just another day at the office…

4.       Welcoming a new Refresher: September brought the arrival of our brand new team member, Emma! After completing work experience at Refresh earlier this year, we were delighted when Emma interviewed for our junior account executive role. A great addition to our team  

5.       Re-Fresh for the win: another great boost for the team this month was receiving a nomination for Freshest Consultancy Team at the national Fresh PR Awards! We’re looking forward to mingling at the glitzy ceremony next month and hopefully we’ll be bringing the award home to Tariff Street

6.       Client nominations: as well as a nomination for Refresh PR this month, we’ve also helped some of our clients receive award nods too. Catering Academy has been nominated in the EDUcatering Excellence Awards for Secondary School Caterer of the Year and Arbonne has received a coveted nomination at the Pure Beauty Awards for its RE9 Advanced® Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream

7.       New projects: we can’t say too much, but we’re VERY excited to be working with our lovely client ClaireaBella on an exciting new campaign this Christmas…stay tuned

8.       Baking for charity: we love an excuse to eat cake, so we were thrilled to get involved with MacMillian’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Check out our Twitter feed for the best bakes and to see how much we raised!

9.       Doing the do with flu: and finally, we’re pleased to be surviving September after being hit with a bad bout of flu - which originated from a team member who will remain anonymous (Laura). We’re stocking up on vitamins and Arbonne’s Fizz Sticks in the hope of a healthier October!


Well done team!




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Outstanding Small Agency of the Year shortlist for Refresh PR

Refresh PR has been shortlisted in the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards for the third consecutive year running.

Refresh PR CIPR PRide Awards 2014

Refresh PR is one of only six agencies from across the north west to be shortlisted for the Outstanding Small Consultancy award.  The award looks at all aspects of an agency, from PR results and client satisfaction to team development and financial performance.


Over 1,100 entries were received across the UK for the highly competitive awards.  The results will be announced in November at an awards ceremony at The Midland in Manchester.  And they say third time lucky, so please keep your fingers crossed that we can bring home the trophy this year!


About the awards:

The CIPR PRide Awards is the only UK-wide awards scheme that recognises excellence in public relations and communications work across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and six English regions. In its 11th year, the CIPR PRide awards continue to grow as consultancies and organisations across the industry increasingly recognise the benefits of awards from the PR profession’s only Chartered body.




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Refresh PR wins UK contract for Arbonne International

Award winning Manchester agency, Refresh PR, has secured a retained account with Arbonne, the international health and well-being brand, following a three-way competitive pitch.  


Refresh PR will run a national press office complemented by events and stunts to raise awareness of the brand’s product offering, as well as its business model, which is based on direct marketing via a network of consultants. The company currently has over a million consultants worldwide and offers products ranging from cosmetics, haircare and skincare through to nutrition and sun protection.


Arbonne’s senior marketing manager said: “Refresh PR presented its ideas with creative flair and enthusiasm, impressing us with its presentation style and ideas as well as its understanding of our business vision. We’re looking forward to seeing these plans materialise into what will be an exciting 2014 for Arbonne.”


Sophie Smith, account director at Refresh PR, said: “Working with Arbonne is a fantastic opportunity for us and an excellent start to our year. The team and I are excited to get to work on a range of activities, including a number of key product launches, to raise awareness of the brand via national, consumer and business press.”


This new contract follows an award winning year for the agency. In 2013, Refresh PR won the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) Award for Public Relations (under 30 staff) and Best Use of Press and Public Relations at the Construction Marketing Awards. This accompanied a nomination for Best Small Consultancy at the CIPR North West PRide awards.


Refresh PR is currently recruiting for new team members. For more information visit


More information about Arbonne is available at




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We Are Recruiting

In case you've missed it on our news tab, we are recruiting.  If you're interested in a new challenge, read on.


We’re on the look out for experienced PR people to join Refresh PR.  In particular we’re searching for an account manager and account executive to join our ‘home’ PR team, which means working with trade and consumer clients who supply products for the home - from underfloor heating through to building materials.  


We want to boost our team at all levels.  We’d like to meet you if you:

·        Are a team player

·        Have experience of both consumer and trade PR – agency side. Sorry, we already have two great interns!

·        Are already an account manager with experience of managing clients

·        Can see a consumer PR angle and sell this to national consumer home journalists – and equally be confident drafting a trade feature

·        Have a great portfolio

·        Are keen to work on lots of projects and use lots of skills outside of the above ‘home’ remit - we're a growing agency and you could be helping with new business by day three!  In any sector that is!

·        Want to progress

·        Are as enthusiastic and passionate as we are


Execs will get a clear chance to progress and managers will get the responsibility and room to develop to account director level, should they choose.


Start date is asap.  Please get in contact with us - laura at - for more information and with your CV.

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The Facebook Generation

In the week where Facebook gained its one billionth user and subsequently cemented both itself and creator Mark Zuckerberg in the history books, I was creating a new profile of my own as a Junior Account Executive at Refresh PR.

Having graduated from the University of Salford in July of this year, I had spent the last few months tirelessly applying for jobs and seeking working experience opportunities in what is a highly competitive market, thanks to the recession and the rise in youth unemployment.

Many people are beginning to question whether a university education is worthwhile following the recent hike in tuition fees and given that only a handful of my friends have gone on to find full time work in their chosen sector after completing university, who could blame them?  However for anyone who needs reminding of the importance of a university education they need look no further than Facebook itself for inspiration.

In the 2010 film The Social Network, a movie adaptation of the ‘Facebook Story’, we discover that the foundations of Facebook were created whilst Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard University.

The link between Zuckerberg’s success and a university education isn’t merely coincidental. Well, at least I don’t think so.

University gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge and gain a greater understanding about what really interests you. It gives you the foundations to be able to pursue a career in something that you grow to feel passionate about. Nevertheless it is important to point out that graduating from university does not automatically give you the right to a job or success.

Instead , rather more importantly, it is the friendships that we form and the connections that we make that ultimately influence our futures, especially for those who choose to study any of the creative industries.

If I were to give any advice to someone looking to break into Public Relations (in fact this is advice that works for most industries) I would firstly recommend studying a degree that encourages you to take a placement year where you can gain valuable experience from working within the industry.

However if, like me, you weren’t informed to make that decision I would urge you to make the most of every opportunity. When your lecturers tell you that work experience and making ‘contacts’ is important, they aren’t lying.  Whether that be taking advantage of networking events, promoting yourself via social media or creating a good reputation for yourself as a result of a work experience placement, it is all about using your initiative and being confident in your own abilities to make those opportunities really count.

As much as I would like to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, who was a billionaire by the age of twenty-three I must add, the reality is that being successful on that scale only happens for a handful of us...

It does of course depend on what you qualify as being a success. Twelve months ago I would have jumped at the chance to work for a PR Agency that has been shortlisted for CIPR North West’s Outstanding Small Consultancy 2012 and look what happened!

Cue Facebook status update.

Why not check out Refresh PR on Facebook here:

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Two new faces join the team at Refresh PR

Manchester PR agency, Refresh PR, has welcomed two new members to its expanding team.  Tom Lay and Gemma Cannon both join the city centre agency as senior account executives, working across a number of existing and new trade and consumer accounts.  


Tom joins Refresh PR having previously worked in the built environment sector, and is already an integral part of the B2B team, working with market-leading companies such as Saint-Gobain Glass.  Prior to working in the built environment sector, Tom worked with a number of SME’s providing PR support and launched ‘Bad Hair Day’ in 2009.  The national charity campaign, which raised awareness for the condition alopecia, saw Tom receive celebrity support from Gail Porter and Sky One’s Gladiators, and reached four million people across multiple platforms, including BBC Radio and GMTV.


With more than four years’ agency experience, Gemma Cannon joins with a wealth of knowledge having worked across high profile accounts in the hospitality, catering and sports sectors.   Gemma will focus on the agency’s food and drink and home interest clients as well as ensuring every client reaps the benefits of her vast social media expertise; follow her on Twitter @GemmaC_PR for insights.  Attracted to Refresh PR’s ethos and emphasis on working in a team, Gemma is looking to develop her PR career quickly and has already integrated seamlessly into the team.


Laura Mashiter, the founder of Refresh PR, is delighted with how well the two new team members have settled in: “We met Tom and Gemma and knew they were both a perfect fit.  We knew the agency would benefit from their very different - but equally impressive - knowledge, attitude and enthusiasm.


“Refresh PR has just been shortlisted in the CIPR’s Pride Awards as Outstanding Small Consultancy of the Year, something we’re all very proud of.  To achieve this recognition, and maintain it going forwards, we need great people who buy in to our philosophy of putting our clients at the centre of everything we do.  They’ve both hit the ground running and are going from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to seeing where this team will take us in the coming months and years.”     


Refresh PR is interested in hearing from junior consumer and trade account executives who are interested in a role with the agency.  Visit for more information or call 0161 212 1695.

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Refresh PR makes prestigious CIPR shortlist

 PR Agency Manchester CIPR PRide Awards North West Outstanding Small Consultancy

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s esteemed CIPR PRide Awards.


Refresh PR will be battling it out with five other notable North West PR agencies to win the coveted title of Outstanding Small Consultancy of the Year.


The ceremony, which will be held at Gorton Monastery on the 29th November, will celebrate the region’s best PR talent. Companies, as well as their campaigns, will be put under the spotlight as they vie for the top prize – a prestigious PRide Award gong!


We are thrilled with such an influential nomination and would like to extend thanks to our clients for supporting us and making this nomination possible.


Fingers crossed we can bring the award home to Refresh HQ! 



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