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Britain’s oldest building site unearthed in Berkshire

Think of building sites and you’ll probably think of the modern ones we see in big cities today such as The Shard or Gherkin  -  masses of steel, hard hats, high-vis jackets and maybe the odd wolf whistle if you’re lucky. You probably don’t think that large scale construction projects were attempted in pre-industrial days 5,700 years ago.

However archaeologists think they’ve found just that, a construction site which was put up in 3700BC in Cemex’s Kingsmead Quarry, Berkshire. That makes the remains of the buildings older than Stonehenge!

The site would have consisted of four houses made of timber with the largest measuring 15x7 metres. Quite an impressive feat when you consider everything was built without large scale equipment. The timber materials which formed the walls have rotted away, but the foundations and examples of pottery and even leftover food remain.

It’s unlikely the hunter-gatherers who might have lived in these buildings thought about creating eco-friendly residences; but amazingly that’s what these houses are. Made of natural materials such as timber and weathering quite well in their five thousand year history, these buildings could also be the first example of green housing.

Much to my disappointment however, the houses wouldn’t have looked like the Flintstones’ rather chic residence with leopard print accessories. They would have had no windows and indoor smoking fires. I suppose the cavemen couldn’t have it all.

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