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It was acceptable in the 90s…but which beauty trends will survive the summer?

New client product launches = excited PR teams. This has certainly been the case for the Refresh consumer team this week as our client Arbonne unveiled a number of exciting new product launches at its annual GTC conference in Las Vegas.

Amongst the line-up (and one of our favourites) is the new eye programme, which comprises a new colour suite of eyeshadows and pencils, all botanically infused and bang on trend for this season’s fashionistas - and what an eclectic array of trends we have to choose from this season!

It’s been difficult to embrace the latest fashion and beauty nods from the spring/summer 2016 catwalks as the weather has resembled more autumn/winter so far this year, but as the warmer days creep in, which beauty trends are more likely than others to shine this season?

Whether it’s a smear of cyan liner or a splatter of indigo glitter, it seems the blue-eyed girl is definitely making a big return this season. Sported by designers such as Chanel and Marc Jacobs to accentuate their bold designs, it’s a look that has naturally divided opinion, yet journalists seem to be loving it! Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan have all hailed the 80s look as the ‘only colour to wear on your eyes this season’, allowing brands to jump on endorsements and market a colour range that has long been dormant.

Beauty often takes its lead from fashion and spring/summer 2016 was no exception; the 90s made an epic return to the catwalk with retro sportswear and grunge reimagined to create effortless iconic looks that mirrored ultimate 90s fashion icon, Kate Moss. Interestingly, designers chose to revamp and modernise their accompanying beauty makeovers – shying away from the harsh brows and over-powdered blusher we all remember from that era. In a sharp contrast to the blue hues, the ‘updated 90s style’ sees less glam and more glow with barely-there foundation, blush-free cheeks and dewy complexions. An au-natural look is perfect for long summer days – a great primer, CC cream and highlighter is all that’s needed to create a healthy glow.

Now for a particular favourite of the season – metallics. Favoured by designers such as Prada and Michael Kors, it seems high shine equals high fashion at the moment with bold golds and sultry silvers complementing an array of summer-ready looks – perfect for desk to dancefloor.  

Our client Arbonne has a beautiful range of fashion-forward products to help create and array of on-trend looks, from the perfect 90s dewy glow to glittering metallic shadows. Check out its latest ranges here. 







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