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Being passionate in PR

99 per cent of PR professionals are passionate about what they do. A love for telling a great story, the buzz of media relations and the fast-paced nature of the job is what gets us up in the morning. Sometimes, however, a love for the industry is just not enough.


If you work in a PR or creative agency, chances are you will have clients in a range of fields. From glitter to plumbing, we have it all at Refresh PR and that old cliché, no two days are the same, rings very true. In order to do justice to your clients, a love of their industry, as well as your own is imperative.


PR’s speak with dozens of journalists in a day, and we need to persuade them that what our client has to say is more valuable than their competitors. Unless you speak about your clients with true passion, you’ll get nowhere. If the news doesn’t excite you, how do you expect a journalist, who’s received 40 similar calls that day, to be enthused? If you love what you do, and love working with your clients, this will come across. 


Being fully engrossed in your client’s work will eventually lead to your PR agency being an arm of their company, rather than a supplier-customer relationship. Once this happens, you’ll automatically be kept in the loop regarding company news, be able to contact everyone and anyone when that golden opportunity comes through and be totally honest with them- a valuable but often over overlooked trait in our industry. At Refresh PR, we promote hot desking at our clients’ offices, giving us a chance to see what they do, and how they work day to day. Realistically, can you ever really get a true insight into your clients from just a bi weekly WIP call alone?


You’re much more likely to want to learn about an industry or topic that you’re interested in. Whether it’s cosmetics, food and drink or heating installations, find what excites you and you’ll never work a day in your life.









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AAC back with a bang for 2016


To help make its annual conference the biggest to date, our skincare, cosmetics and nutrition client, Arbonne, tasked us with increasing engagement with delegates on social media.

Arbonne’s Annual Conference (AAC) truly is a celebration of everything that is great about the brand, and this year it welcomed more than 2,000 Arbonne Independent Consultants to the NEC in Birmingham.

The theme for 2016 was ‘Be The Inspiration’ and the event featured motivational speeches from the likes of US comedian, Connie Podesta alongside the launch of Arbonne’s new Festive Collection and an unforgettable ‘Arbonne Does Gatsby’ evening event. As well as celebrating its success in the UK, AAC enabled Arbonne to update delegates on its worldwide expansion programme, which this year saw launches in Taiwan, New Zealand and Poland.

The Refresh PR team was tasked with capturing the energy in the room, delivering accurate and timely posts, in line with Arbonne’s tone of voice, and interacting with any responses. Over the two days we delivered a real time experience on social media, using the live feed feature on Instagram and regular updates on Facebook, which enabled delegates to be part of the action, even if they were unable to attend. As well as this social activity, we interviewed a number of key attendees for vox pops, which were included in the event showcase to encourage further sign up for the 2017 conference.

The team at Arbonne worked tirelessly for months to pull off such a large-scale event (more than 215,000 square feet to be exact!), and the hard work didn’t go unnoticed. With record numbers of Arbonne teams attending and a significant uplift in social media engagement, AAC 2016 was a huge success and planning is already underway for the next big calendar event - the Global Training Conference.




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Last week saw the Refresh PR team host the launch of beauty client Arbonne’s new RE9 for Men range with a traditional English Gentleman’s Day at Sharps Barbers in Soho, London. The vegan friendly and botanically based men’s grooming collection was introduced to the UK media with a day of pampering.


Journalists were invited to find about more about Arbonne’s latest RE9 for Men collection which includes must-have shaving and skincare products. In order to launch this exclusive men’s range and tie in with St. Georges Day on 23rd April, Refresh PR planned a sophisticated day for the English gent, with a choice of treatments including a straight razor shave, haircut or beard and moustache trim.


The event was the perfect opportunity to talk journalists through each of the products in the Arbonne RE9 for Men range, giving Refresh PR and Arbonne valuable time with the media, something that is often a luxury due to busy schedules.


Journalists from the likes of GQ, Men’s Health, the Daily Mail, Runners World and the Gentleman’s Journal were all in attendance and the day got off to a busy start. Refresh PR took control of ensuring all journalists were welcomed into the event, seated with a barber and introduced to Dr. Xavier Goodarzian, an Arbonne Independent Consultant who specialises in skincare and cosmetics. Dr Xavier told each journalist about the benefits of this new range, including the ingredients and clinical trial results behind the products. Dr Xavier also talked to the journalists about the SPF in skincare products, explaining how the protection can vary from that stated on packaging – something the journalists were keen to hear more about.


The event worked particularly well as it allowed Arbonne the chance to present the range individually to each journalist whilst having their undivided attention. It also allowed Refresh PR to talk to each journalist and suggest where each of the products would fit best within each publication.


After an exciting day of 16 haircuts, eight traditional straight razor shaves, five beard trims and over 50 teas and coffees the team could finally exhale. The day was a huge success, with all journalists delighted with their treatment, positive feedback on the new range and some exciting coverage opportunities in the pipeline.


A notable mention has to go to Tom Atkinson at The Express, who took the plunge and chopped off his long hair and beard, giving him a dramatic transformation and glowing complexion, thanks to the fantastic team at Sharps and Arbonne.


Refresh PR had huge success on its social media, documenting the days’ activities with a special acknowledgement from the team at OK!


A great time was had launching the new collection with Arbonne and the team can’t wait for more exciting launches later in the year. Stay tuned with all the latest exciting events on Twitter at @RefreshPR or on Instagram @RefreshPR.


Tom Atkinson from The Express




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It was acceptable in the 90s…but which beauty trends will survive the summer?

New client product launches = excited PR teams. This has certainly been the case for the Refresh consumer team this week as our client Arbonne unveiled a number of exciting new product launches at its annual GTC conference in Las Vegas.

Amongst the line-up (and one of our favourites) is the new eye programme, which comprises a new colour suite of eyeshadows and pencils, all botanically infused and bang on trend for this season’s fashionistas - and what an eclectic array of trends we have to choose from this season!

It’s been difficult to embrace the latest fashion and beauty nods from the spring/summer 2016 catwalks as the weather has resembled more autumn/winter so far this year, but as the warmer days creep in, which beauty trends are more likely than others to shine this season?

Whether it’s a smear of cyan liner or a splatter of indigo glitter, it seems the blue-eyed girl is definitely making a big return this season. Sported by designers such as Chanel and Marc Jacobs to accentuate their bold designs, it’s a look that has naturally divided opinion, yet journalists seem to be loving it! Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan have all hailed the 80s look as the ‘only colour to wear on your eyes this season’, allowing brands to jump on endorsements and market a colour range that has long been dormant.

Beauty often takes its lead from fashion and spring/summer 2016 was no exception; the 90s made an epic return to the catwalk with retro sportswear and grunge reimagined to create effortless iconic looks that mirrored ultimate 90s fashion icon, Kate Moss. Interestingly, designers chose to revamp and modernise their accompanying beauty makeovers – shying away from the harsh brows and over-powdered blusher we all remember from that era. In a sharp contrast to the blue hues, the ‘updated 90s style’ sees less glam and more glow with barely-there foundation, blush-free cheeks and dewy complexions. An au-natural look is perfect for long summer days – a great primer, CC cream and highlighter is all that’s needed to create a healthy glow.

Now for a particular favourite of the season – metallics. Favoured by designers such as Prada and Michael Kors, it seems high shine equals high fashion at the moment with bold golds and sultry silvers complementing an array of summer-ready looks – perfect for desk to dancefloor.  

Our client Arbonne has a beautiful range of fashion-forward products to help create and array of on-trend looks, from the perfect 90s dewy glow to glittering metallic shadows. Check out its latest ranges here. 







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